Everything You Should Know Before Hiring a Licensed Tree Service

While trees provide ample benefits to the communities that they exist in, they can also be dangerous. In 2016 alone, roughly 100 professionals were killed in tree-related accidents and several more were injured.

If you’re a homeowner that wants to avoid your trees causing damage, you must contact a licensed tree service to help you maintain your trees.

But what exactly constitutes a good tree service? What should you be on the lookout for?

For answers to some of those questions, keep reading to learn a few of the most important things to keep in mind when hiring a tree service.

1. You Need to Ask About Licensure and Credentials

Every tree service will boast that they have decades of experience working with trees. Without proof that experience was attained properly or proof that it exists at all though, claims are just words.

To know for sure if you’re dealing with a licensed tree service, ask who issued a contractor’s license when it’s good till and if they have any other professional credentials that you should know about.

By probing when it comes to certification, you can be sure that you’re speaking to a best tree removal company candidate and not just an opportunist.

2. Never Hire an Uninsured Company

There are a lot of opportunities for workers to get injured and/or cause property damage when managing their trees. If something happens during a job on your property and your contractor is not insured, you may be liable.

To avoid that possibility, ask about your tree service’s insurance provider. Make sure that the provider exists, that the tree service’s policy is current and get it in writing that your service told you that they were insured.

3. Written Estimates Are the Norm

Estimates break down what a licensed tree service thinks their work will cost. All estimates that you receive should be submitted to you in writing for your records. Tree services that are hesitant to do that are best avoided.

Note that estimates estimate costs. That means that costs can be slightly higher or lower than what’s estimated.

An estimate that falls within 15% of what’s pitched to you should be considered acceptable.

4. Learning About a Company’s Employees Is Always Recommended

The more skills that a tree service’s employees are, the lower the chance will be that problems will arise during or after a job.

Ask your prospective tree company about how they go about putting their teams together.

Is the experience required? Are background checks conducted? Are their employees legally allowed to work?

The answers that you get will clue you in on whether or not you feel comfortable hiring a particular organization.

There Are Ample, Licensed Tree Service Providers Out There

Don’t let our warnings of rouge, uninsured tree services keep you from hiring a professional. There are several licensed tree service providers that will do fantastic work for you. Many of them may work in your community.

Use our tips to find the right professional for you, get your estimates in writing and you should have no problems tackling your next tree trim or cut.

Are you looking for additional home improvement tips? If you are, keep reading more of the content on our blog!


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