Exquisite DIY Décor Ideas For Your Roof

Welcome to the place where you can turn your plain roof space to a whole art masterpiece by yourself!

The recommended styles are dependent on your roof types though, you can make changes and adjustments to fit it to yours. Feel free to add any comments if you’ve tried the ideas and want to add more info on it, or maybe if you have your own ideas!

Garden on the roof

roof garden

Let’s go green guys. If you have an empty rooftop and you are not sure of what you want to do with, roof garden may just be the answer.


The extra weight you would be putting on top of your building may require further attention to your infrastructure so you’d better check with an engineer or consult with a pro to make sure that you’re not risking getting yourself killed by a falling ceiling when you sleep or sued when the building is found faulty.


Depending on the state or your country, different type of plants can be planted. Choose plants that are easy to maintain and small, such as bushes and small trees. Unless you receive the approval and have the time to, do not plant big, tall trees such as coconut trees or mango trees.

You should consider precipitation level, temperature and seasons of your location to make sure you’ve planted yourself plants that won’t die after 2 weeks.

For starters, plants you should consider planting are: lavender, blueberry, bell peppers, dwarf cypress, juniper and blue fescue. A personal favorite is Wisteria, however, this is a type of vine plant and there are some states with regulations that you should know before planting one.

Container vs Raised beds

What you will plant should help you make the choice. Containers are basically less messy; your plants and soil are moveable and it is much easier to clean up.

Raised beds on the other hand is soil piled upon soil with usually board to divide between different species or sections. A raised bed is best used for produces however, performance of these two ways of planting depends heavily on your geographical condition.

Chairs and furniture

Grab some beach chairs and a small coffee table and a standing umbrella. With a buddy, you’ve got yourself a nice, cool outdoor space to hangout and just enjoy the view. Not to mention you’re practically taking part in saving the world from global warming.

Lights and bulbs

It’s the season of joy and one of the most perfect décor you can use are holiday lights!


Always, whatever DIY you are doing, make sure that it is safe to do. Have a solid, strong ladder to hold your weight, waterproof, outdoor cords and bulbs with license and power outlet that is protected from weather. Turn the lights off at night when you’re sleeping to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Animation lights

This one is loved by kids and really liven up the holiday spirit. There are lots of animation lamps that show Santa and his reindeers pulling the sleigh that you can use on your roof. When snow falls, it definitely seems like Santa is crossing your roof!

C7/C9 and Icicle lights

These lights are typically used by circling the edge of your roofs to create a highlight of your house. They come in various colors and incandescent lights.

Great color combinations can give different vibes to the house. Incandescent lights tend to give a warmer feeling, bright colorful lights are usually cheerful, whole single white colors are usually cooler. Mix and match to make your own creation by making your own interval of colors.

Icicle lights look especially amazing (I’m totally not biased). They come in several shape and one that is made of dangling small incandescent bulbs look very dreamy and fantasy to the house decorated.

Standing light

Light up your dark rooftop with small garden and outdoor lights. Get one with soft incandescent light, not bright white LED light, as it becomes light pollution. This will make your rooftop a great place for stargazing and bright enough for you to still see around you.

Hangout space

For this, you might want to get yourself some help with carrying the stuffs upstairs. Unless you’d like to take your time arranging and designing the space.

Sofa/lounge chair

You will need outdoor sofa or chair of 80-90 inches long. Get several single person chairs with matching colors too. Wooden chairs are easier to maintain while sofas are more comfortable to use.


You can have or not a table for your roof. Aside from their functions, tables can take up space in your already tight space so it’s optional.

If you are planning to have one, consider also weather conditions and maintenance level. Solid materials are easier to clean and tablecloth can get dirty easier on your roof.


Before proceeding, check with your building owner if you are allowed to do BBQ or the grilling set is just going to be for decoration only.

When you want to do BBQ on your roof, you need to have enough space to eat. If it’s too small and tight, it can be dangerous.

Solar panels

roof panels

Who says solar panel is only useful? They make great decorations too!

The fact is that solar panel is great energy saver and can help with juicing up the lights on your roof. Add a little sense of humor and you will be able to imagine things to add to your roof.

Halloween theme

roof halloween

Spiders, skeletons, grim reapers, corpses. These are all stuffs that you can use to decorate your roof with. You can imagine how surreal they can be if you incorporate a little light to the models or crafts. Items are easily found and sold online or in department stores.

Christmas theme

Lightened up dolls and figures make great addition to flat roofs aside from mentioned holiday lights.

Deciding on an idea

With so many ideas spread around the Internet, there are also considerations of your roofs material. Afterwards the only limitation is your creativity.

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