Extending Living Space with Conservatory

Your Vision


Extending your home with a conservatory or orangeryis an exciting and challenging proposition and can be both satisfying and rewarding. The vision of a new room – one that can change the whole persona of your home and bring new life to your property – is what triggers you to reach for your hard-earned and give the go ahead for the contractors to begin working on your perfect extension.


With the right design, your extension will be a wonderful renovationthat will have family and friendsnot only enjoying the new space with you at parties and get-togethers alike, but also taking their experiences away and spreading the word about the stunning new addition to your family home.




Save money and look good


Arguably, the most important aspect of making your conservatory or orangery part of your home is the link to it from your existing building. Building regulations state that most conservatories require exterior quality doors to separate the newbuild from your existing house, whichcan often alienate your conservatory.


Bi-folding doors combat this problem and can be left open – but even with these – you often find that due to heat loss and to save on energy costs, the doors are kept closed in the colder times which let’s be honest, can be all year round!


There are a number of options available to you to ensure that you can reduce heat loss through your conservatory and still open it up to the rest of your house.

Have a look at these and some of the other options that may just be what you are looking for to both save money and make your conservatory a glowing part of your home:


  • Glass Panel films: These will prevent heat seeping in and won’t obscure your view of outdoors.


  • Blinds and shutters: Wooden blinds will prevent heat getting to the windows. Honeycomb blinds have a unique pattern that will trap air, keeping warm air in and cold air out.


  • Curtains: Window quilts and blackout curtains have two layers; one will look good, and the other will keep the warm air indoors.


You may choose to install energy efficient appliances in your conservatory or even use double or triple glazed panels on your way to making your conservatory a part of your home.


The true extension of an Orangery


Whether you are extending a kitchen, a living room or another area of your home, turning an orangery into a full extension can fantastically fuse together two rooms and create a desirable space that is both functional and enjoyable to be in at the same time.


By completely removing the exterior wall and separating it from the existing house, extending an orangery creates vast open plan rooms thatlook great and feel like part of the family home whilst also adding value to your property.


Turning an orangery into a true extension on your home requires careful planning, and there are a number of things that you need to inform the council about with regards to glazing in windows, doors and the roof, as well as making sure that new windows and doors meet standards set by the building regulations so bare that in mind. The rewards are worth the careful planning, as you will discover.


Whether it be a place to relax or a place to entertain, you can utilise your extension all year round if you really want to. Whether you are planning a build or already have one, it’s always possible to make your conservatory a part of your home, and not just a part of your house.

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