Facts That Will Fascinate You More About Thai Agriculture

Agriculture is one main contributor to the development of Thailand’s economy. This is essential in achieving sustainability in a country. This is also because half of the labor workers in Thailand are employed in this sector. So far, below are the facts that you will need to learn to fascinate you more about Thai agriculture.

Farms Still Positively Relying on the Buffaloes

The farms in Thailand are using machinery helping with agricultural tasks. Farms are also using the same old methods. Instead of purchasing or renting mechanical equipment, they are using the buffalos in pulling heavy plows through the fields. The manure of animals is already a good natural fertilizer. The buffalo meat is also nutritious.

Good Locations of the Thai Agricultural Farm

The agricultural land in Thailand is found in good locations such as the Northeast and the Central parts. Central Thailand is referred to as the “breadbasket” or “rice bowl”. There are relatively wet and flatlands that seem ideal in the growth of different items.

Moreover, the Northeast part of Thailand is an arable land as well. Its cooler climate makes it the best place when you grow crops such as cabbages, strawberries, potatoes, bell peppers, avocados, and many more. The famous coffee of Thailand is also grown in the Northern Mountains like in Chiang Rai. So far, the southern part of Thailand is making a huge development in agri products.

Thai Agricultural Farming Is Sustainable

A sustainable economy is the philosophy of Thailand. It motivates people to become sustainable in life to consume only what is needed. And, it should be in ways that look through future impacts such as the community and the environment. This philosophy is developed to improve and try conditions for impoverished farmers in the rural areas of Thailand.

So far, projects are now coming in the Thai villages encouraging sustainable farming. These are also teaching the local farmers regarding ideals and goals. Newer techniques and methods are also introduced to them. They are educated further and supported considering local farming.

Unique Measures Implemented in the Protection of Crops

Farmers in Thailand are protecting their livestock and crops in making a living. Scarecrows are also noticeably used around in the fields. These deter birds from pecking at the young shoots and seeds. Even farm cats are also kept so that rats and mice will stay away. Large jars are also spotted in the rice fields. These are utilized in catching the freshwater crabs living in the paddies. These crabs are already regarded as pests for eating the young rice.

Moreover, glue paper is used when catching field rats. Now the rats will get stuck to stronger glue. That is when they will not pose any threat to the crops. But the best methods followed by farmers are the use of electric fences. These stop animals from going through the fields. These also keep the unwanted creatures from getting near the crops.

Thai Agriculture Is Improving the Lives of Thai People

Thai agricultural products are improving the lives of the Thai people. The developments in farming are leading to decreasing undernourishment and hunger levels among children. In fact, the food prices are falling by almost half. And, there is a huge reduction in the unemployment levels. Indeed, agriculture in Thailand is moving towards achieving its goal of an industrialized nation.

Thailand Is Now A Top Exporter

Thailand is now regarded as the top exporter when it comes to durian and sugar. It is the main exporter and producer of dairy products. It is producing almost 1-million tons of milk every year. It is on top of the three producers of palm oil around the world. But, the palm oil locally produced is also used domestically.

Other exports of Thailand include coconuts, pineapples, tuna, shrimp, and tapioca. And the country is one of the leading coffee products.

Now, you have learned more about the facts that will fascinate you more about Thai agriculture!

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