Finding the Best Interior Architect

With so many companies out there selling the idea of interior architecture by the charms of a buttered promise to deliver quality and an irresistible job approach, most people fall prey to below par architects and end up gambling their dream home for a mere showbiz.

Your headache could easily pass by insisting on a professional architect, however, more often you still find people compromising on quality trying to save on their wallet. In fact, someone the other day was so excited narrating to me about redesigning his home’s interior, and in every action plan they mentioned, it was all coated with how they will do it themselves. You know like i will add this there, extend the dining area, add more shelves to my kitchen, the list was endless and nowhere in his narration did he mention consulting the opinion of some expert, and not that am an expert but neither did my humble opinion count.

Do you know what this meant in reality? He was simply narrating a project plan with a 99% probability to fail and worse contemplating on suffering great losses mentally, financially and physically. It’s okay to feel that you can do it as well as a professional architect can, in fact it’s totally normal to feel you can do better, but then again answer me these questions:-

  • Have you ever even come across the basics of interior architecture not to mention the certification?
  • Are you prepared to gamble your hard earned money on a trial project?
  • Do you really have the time to indulge in playing mastermind?
  • What happens when you are stuck in the process, the unexpected happens, do you already have plan B?

It is however never too late to shovel your brains back to reason, admit that if wishes sure were horses, there is nothing you would want better than to nail this project yourself and save some bucks on it. But the rule of achievement rules that to gain something, you must be willing to let go too. So I say ditch your spendthrift notion and embrace a flexible one instead, stop at nothing for your dream home, and for Pitts sake let the architect be, they pursued their magic touch behind some four walls for years so someone would salute them not race them.

interior architect

So how do you select the best interior architect?

Years of experience– An architect who’s been around a while has definitely settled and possess the right skills to deliver. The years of experience also speaks volumes on the exposure and hands-on skills gained on the field. Here you can choose to request for their past samples to help surpass your concerns.

Recommendation – An architect that your friends or family members have encountered in the past and can recommend them to deliver is far more prospective than one chosen at random. Consulting your friends and past clients who’s dealt with the prospective architect in the past will help make a conscious decision.

Manageable Resources– A professional is well prepared with the necessary tools and equipments to deliver. You really wouldn’t want to witness the day your architect declares bankruptcy and your dreams come crumbling down.

Licensing, Registration and Insurance – A reliable interior architect will be registered and licensed after having fulfilled the requirements of the NHBC (National House-Building Council) whose requirements vary in different UK states. A professional architect or architectural company has insured workmanship meaning you are not liable to extra expenses in case something goes badly wrong during the project.

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