Five Ways To Control Mosquitoes From Your Lawn

Mosquitoes, the one tiny creature that can make gardening unpleasant and transform the sitting porch into a chore for you. They can also destroy a beautiful outdoor evening. These pests are not only annoying, but they spread dangerous illnesses like malaria and Dengue. However, you can safely decrease the populations of these blood-sucking pests with these five easy steps or get mosquito exterminator services near you, if you want to have a beautiful pleasant summer also, keep yourself and your family safe from diseases that they cause.

Use repelling plants

Some plants deter mosquitoes, and using them may assist in decreasing the number of mosquitoes in your lawn/garden.


Basil is a great herb, helpful in many dishes, and simple to grow in most areas of the country.

Citronella grass

It has been shown that citronella oil has powerful mosquito-deterring abilities, and it originates from Citronella grass. For many, the downside about this grass is that it only grows in a warmer climate and the southern environments.

Lemon Balm

Note that it is usually invasive, so you need to maintain and keep it in check if you chose this particular method.

Remove all standing water

Everyone knows that the female mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water, so you need to get rid of the source to be able to fight them. These eggs hatch into larvae about three days after, and adults emerge and fly away in about 12 days ago. Bear in mind that each female mosquito can lay up to 400 eggs in their short life cycle, which is about two weeks that is if they get lucky to survive up to that time. This reason is why their population grows so fast.

Reducing the quantity of standing water around your house will lessen breeding locations and decrease mosquito numbers in your lawn. Clogged rain gutters, tree holes, potholes, good tires, abandoned cans and containers, and your outdoor flower pots saucers are some areas you should look at for. However, if you have a bird’s pool in your yard, you might want to change old standing waters as often as possible.

Trim your lawn and other grasses

Long grasses are where mosquitoes like to spend their time resting. They fly in and usually hide during the day in these tall grasses. That is why anytime you take a stroll in long grass; you often meet mosquitoes even if the rest of a yard or park may seem to be mosquito-free, you wind them up. Cut the length of the grasses less than 5 inches, and this will stop them from gathering in your lawn. By doing this, you are just going to force them to go elsewhere, but it is better than having these tiny pests around people and spreading disease.

Mosquito trap

You can also try a mosquito magnet, zapper, or killer, a device will effectively eliminate mosquitoes on one touch. Mosquito traps are also included in this category. While the best option is to do something to keep mosquitoes away, once it already exists, a mosquito killer will help you reduce the population. Not just a root-cause fix, a zapper or magnet may be efficient when you want to use your pool or patio, but it is far too late to take preventive measures against mosquito reproduction. The Magnets capture mosquitoes using CO2 and trap them inside until they die. The racket and zappers kill immediately with a pulse of electricity. New mosquito trap products are coming out every single time. Before you order one, do your research about it carefully to know which is best for you.

Call a professional

When you have a serious concern with mosquitoes in your yard, it best you might want to call an expert to treat it with chemicals professionally — usually, this professional method, typically effective for over a month. The typical active ingredient is Pyrethrum, which kills most insects but is believed to offer a low human toxicity risk.

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