Furnishings That Furry Things Will Love

furnishingsBritain is a nation of animal lovers and in many cases we spend more on our pets than we do on ourselves. We make sure they are taken care of in every way and the lucky animals live a life of luxury without having to so much as lift a finger. Every part of their lives is taken care of from their diet, their health, their safety and their happiness. Many are even given expensive treats and fashion accessories that many people could only dream of being able to afford. They even get to make the most of the furnishings in our homes that we use to make our own lives comfortable. There are some furnishings in particular that our pets simply love and will do their very best to make their own.


Cats love to sleep. In between chasing birds, teasing dogs and coughing up fur balls your cat will sleep at any given opportunity and most will find a favourite sleeping spot and use it day in, day out. With plenty of soft furnishings in the home, cats generally have a lot to choose from and sofas are right up there on their list of favourites. Some might choose to curl up on the seat of the sofa, others would happily nap on the armrest and many cats can be found happily slumbering on the back of a sofa and do not take kindly to anybody that may try to remove them. While dogs are often banned from getting up onto the sofa at all, cats seem to take no notice of such restrictions and will make a bed on a sofa whenever they feel like it.


Dogs may not always be allowed up onto the sofa but at least many will have a warm carpet with soft carpet underlay beneath to sleep on. Walking round in a circle several times before laying down evidently makes the carpet the most comfortable thing in the known universe for a dog. One of the best things about carpets is that one can usually be found right in front of a fireplace, which makes it ideal for keeping warm on a cold winter night. Because dogs do love a warm, comfy carpet to sleep on you might want to consider getting a mat at least if you have only hard flooring in your home.

Table Legs

If you have wooden table legs, or wooden legs of any other furniture for that matter, your cat is likely to make a beeline for them. Cats love something to scratch on and to them wooden furniture legs are just perfect for the job and they make no distinction between cheap furniture and fine pieces of art. If you do have a cat in the home then you may want to consider trying to give them alternatives instead such as a cat scratching post to spare your furniture from being scratched.


Regardless of how many beds your pets may have of their own they will still always want to sleep in yours. The combination of the soft duvet and your body heat is irresistible to them and if you don’t keep your bedroom door closed at night you could soon find yourself being pushed out as your pets look to get comfortable themselves. Even when you are not in bed yourself your pets will be eager to get comfortable and will happily sleep all day long while you are at work. Whether or not you remembered to make your bed before you left for work in the morning, you may find that it is no longer made when you get back.

Nick Thorping runs a home flooring supplier and supplies all you could need from carpet underlay to quality wooden flooring.

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