Go Green at Home: How Do Solar Panels Help the Environment?

In 2018, 33% of total US emissions came from electricity generation. That’s the power that lights your home, cooks your food, and powers your TV for Netflix.

Clearly, we can’t go without anymore. But what about solar panels? How do solar panels help the environment? Is it worth installing them in your home?

Let’s explore that.

Where Does Our Electricity Come From?

65% of our electricity comes from power plants that burn coal. Other common fuel sources include natural gas and petroleum.

The goal is burned to boil water that creates steam. The steam is piped into turbines under immense pressure. The turbines spin to power a generator that creates our electricity.

And none of that electricity would come from burning coal.

What’s the Problem With Coal?

When we burn coal, it releases carbon into our atmosphere. That’s the biggest contributor to global warming.

Why is global warming a threat? Won’t we all just sit on the mountain tops and enjoy a nice long summer?

Er, no. The effects of famine and rising waters will displace up to 1 billion people by 2050. We’ll see extreme weather changes like blizzards, dust storms, flooding, and hurricane.

We’re even seeing signs of this now the way Venice is flooding.

So it’s clear we need to do what we can to cut carbon emissions. And switching to solar power is a great way to do that.

How Is Solar Any Better?

Solar power is great because it doesn’t release carbon. When the sun releases light to the universe, it comes in tiny packages of energy called photons.

Those photons hit the receptors on a solar panel. The panel turns the photon energy into energy we can use to power our homes.

The cool thing about solar power is they don’t run on heat. So even in the winter when it’s cold, your solar panels will still power your home. They may even work better because the snow refracts light back to your panels.

Can I Install Solar Panels in My Home?

When you install solar panels in your home, you’re helping the environment. Even still, there are some caveats you need to consider.

First, you need to make sure you get enough sunlight in your area. Then you need to make sure your roof is angled in the right direction and is sturdy enough for solar panels.

The best type of roofs for solar panels are composite and tile. But they can be mounted on nearly any type of roof. Use this guide to find out your roof type.

How Do Solar Panels Help the Environment? Now You Know

So how do solar panels help the environment? Mostly, solar panels provide you with a clean source of renewable energy. Carbon emission is the predominant cause of global warming. By installing solar panels in your home, you’re eliminating your electric carbon footprint.

Want to do more to help the environment? Reconsider your transportation, diet, and waste. Any bit helps, so thanks for doing your part.

Keep checking back for more great tips to make your life better!

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