Going, Going, Gone – 5 Practical Tips for Selling Your Home

The real estate market is heating up, with Government incentives making homeownership more of a possibility than ever before. Are you looking to take advantage of the upward trend and get the best price for your property? Selling your home is about more than snapping great photos and having a “sellable” house. It’s always a great idea to have a few tricks up your sleeve. Here are a few to get you started:

Market it Well

Because we live in a digital age, it’s crucial to list your property where the maximum number of people are going to see it: the internet. That’s why digital marketing for real estate is vital. If you try to sell your home exclusively through print or analogue media, you may never get the views or the price you thought you would. Make sure as many potential buyers as possible see your property by putting it front and center in the digital world.

First Impressions Count

You might think that giving your house a quick clean on the inside is going to be the reason someone buys your home, but it could be how tidy your front yard is instead. First impressions count for a lot. Make sure you add those final touches that could become deal clinchers. Include ‘welcome’ mats at every entrance, clear away spider webs, and don’t neglect the gardens. You may have the cleanest and tidiest home, and a picture-perfect backyard – but if your front yard looks like a bomb hit it, you may lose prospective purchasers before they even step foot indoors.

Lighting Says Everything

Whether you’re a house flipper or you’re selling your family home, you will be amazed at the impact lighting can have. Something as simple as swapping a dank and dusty light shade for a contemporary one can transform a room. Or, adding lamps and other forms of lighting to previously dark spaces can make them appear larger and brighter.

Get a Second Opinion

The median property price in the USA is $200,000, but that doesn’t mean yours is worth that. It could be worth more or less, depending on where you are, what the market is doing, and how tidy and contemporary your property is. Don’t take your realtor’s price as fact. If you aren’t sure your property is worth as little or as much as they say, then get a second opinion. There is no reason why you can’t get in touch with a competing agent to find out whether their price is similar.

Staging for Success

If you are trying to get as much money for your property as possible, then you are going to need to spend some to make some. Have you thought about house staging? House staging is the art of using hired furniture and accessories to make your property look like it’s out of a house and garden magazine.

When you achieve the right look with the furniture, your home can almost sell itself. Prospective purchasers know the furniture does not come with the house, but it can help to enhance their perception of the property, leading to a quicker and potentially more profitable sale.

Selling your home is no easy feat – whether you enlist the services of a realtor or try to sell it yourself. Focus on first impressions, digital marketing where it counts the most, and getting top dollar with several techniques. Selling your home can be a stress-free and rewarding process – but only if you do It correctly.

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