Grass Field Maintenance and Care: An Effective Guide

Lawn cleaning and maintenance requires a lot of your time and effort, and therefore, this guide is here to help you take good care of your lawn and its grass. Whether it is a football field or a golf course, grass field maintenance is both important and vital for a good game and presentation.

Listed below are some of the most important points to be followed for a well-maintained grass field.

  • Regular Cutting

Grass field requires regular cutting and pruning facilitating the good growth of grass on the field. Although it is always advised not to cut it too close to the growth as it would damage the shoot. Keeping the grass height less, around 3 cm from the ground, helps in the easy filtering of light down the soil.

Benefits of regular lawn mowing :

  1. Neat and well-kept appearance
  2. Eliminates Pests
  3. Healthier Yard
  4. High Valued Atmosphere
  5. Stronger Grass

Grass Field Maintenance and Care 2

  • Weed and Moss control

Weed and moss control is as important as lawn mowing. With the right size of the grass, soil condition and top quality fertilizer rest assured of a well maintained and nourished lawn on your property. Summer heat and strokes are believed to harm both soil and grass to an extent where it loses its moisture and growth leading to the growth of weed and mosses on the field.

How to prevent weed growth on the field?

  1. Cutting the grass to an ideal height
  2. Use small pressure sprayers, after identifying the weed type.
  3. Use broadleaf herbicides
  • Recreation and Sport Management

A lawns recreational value depends largely on its presentation and maintenance, and therefore, use the best quality net and ropes sourced from Lion Trading. Make sure the football goal post is maintained ensuring all the sides of the net and rope are tight and in good working condition, if not, consider an immediate replacement. Sports field require much care and maintenance in comparison to a normal home lawn and garden.

  • Aeration

For a good lawn condition, soil aeration is extremely important. Rigorous climatic conditions can affect the quality of both soil and grass on the field. New Lawns, in general, require more time and effort in comparison to the old ones. An overgrown field welcomes pests, weeds leading to a non-aerated land.

Benefits of aerating soil?

  1. Allows good growth of stronger grass
  2. Allows oxygen to flow more easily through the root-soil
  3. Helps in even moistening of the soil
  • Right water supply

Use the right quantity of water and fertilizer on the field, after a thorough inspection of the field. Most of the lawn experts have suggested using the right amount of water for nourishment, as it is never a good idea to over pool a portion of the lawn. Once the grass field is adequately hydrated and cut to an ideal height, the healthiest grass shoots will come up, weeding out the weak short leaves. For a healthier and lushier grass field ensure a regular lawn mowing with the right water supply.

  • Maintained Air Quality

For maintained air quality and a hygienic atmosphere around the field, it is important to keep the soil healthy and nourished. Most of the sports field undergo a PH and nutritional level check which helps in identifying the deficiencies of the soil that require immediate nourishment and care.

We hope this guide will help you take complete care of your lawn without inviting yourself much headache and maintenance cost. Contact a professional lawn maintenance company with good industry experience and feedback and get rid of investing your time into lawn care and maintenance. With regular mowing, aerated soil, right water supply and enhanced recreational values, a well-maintained lawn is all that you get.

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