Gynecology Services and Procedures

A few months ago, I could hardly resist taking note of how vital women’s health is. That is, of course, not a new thing. From obstetrics and hysteroscopy to contraception, these services are hard to ignore. What most people fail to recognize is the fact that gynecology surgeries are relatively dominant these days. Some are out of choice; some are inevitable. These services, and many others, are available at Trinity Gynecology.

Various reasons go into why gynecology surgeries could be inevitable. For instance, you will need a surgical procedure if you want to remove your uterus or ovaries. You will also need this surgery if the doctor has to confirm growths within your urinary tract. Well, some reasons go beyond those mentioned here.

Types of gynecology surgeries you can get

The type of gynecology surgery you get will often be dependent on your condition. Here are the five most common surgeries you could get.


This procedure involves the inspection of your uterine cavity, mainly by endoscopy. Usually, this treatment is ideal for those who keep experiencing heavy menstrual periods or severe cramping. It will also be suitable for you if you want sterilization as a birth control method. A doctor will insert a hysteroscope into the vagina, as this helps to monitor whether there is anything abnormal.

Pelvic Laparoscopy

This surgery will always aim at examining pelvic organs. It will also come in handy in addressing the different conditions within the pelvic region. This method will always be vital for those who want to examine the extent of ovarian cancer. It will also aid in checking eptopic pregnancies too. Remember, this procedure only takes place under anesthesia.


Do you want to have a clearer view of the vagina and cervix? This option would be best for you, as it magnifies images more significantly. It will come in handy once an expert finds abnormal cells during pelvic exams. With this treatment, it will be easier to address excessive bleeding, genital warts, and polyps. Fortunately, it is a process that will hardly require you to stay in the hospital for long.

Cervical Cryosurgery

Did you know that your cervix could be vulnerable to abnormal cells? Some of these issues will go away without treatment. If they do not go away, you will find it valuable to rely on this procedure. Usually, cervical cryosurgery will help in freezing sections of the cervix. With this, the destruction of abnormal cervical cells will be no hassle.

Dilation and Curettage

You can hardly ignore the prominence of dilation and curettage. It involves the removal of your uterine lining, mostly with suction and sharp curettes. It will often come in handy in the diagnosis of polyps or uterine cancers. Further, you could rely on it to remove uterine fibroid tumors. Its effectiveness is unmatched.

As you look forward to the best gynecology service, it will be vital to understand the procedures you could undergo. The procedures mentioned are not exhaustive, but they offer you insights into what to expect. Feel free to visit Suncoast Women’s Care today for more guidance.

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