Heating Alternatives: Domestic Heating Oil And More

Exploring the options for heating your home…

Practically every household in Britain will use a gas central heating system, though this is mostly due to people being uneducated about the range of heating methods out there.

Yes, gas boilers may be easier to access and install, but there may be a more efficient and cost-effective option, depending on your home.

What’s more, with the negative impact that human lifestyle is having on the environment becoming increasingly obvious, it may be time to consider a more eco-friendly method.

Let’s take a look at some of the alternatives to the bog-standard gas central heating system that people are opting for.

Oil Heating System

Oil central heating is most commonly used by people who have larger homes or those not connected to the main gas network. This tends to be people who reside in more rural areas, where the gas network doesn’t stretch to. Despite this, domestic heating oil is by no means limited to people in the countryside – it can be a viable option for any home.

You shouldn’t be put off by the initial prices of installing a domestic heating oil system either. Actually, more heat is given off per unit of heating oil, in comparison to gas, making it a highly efficient fuel. Using domestic heating oil you can rest easy knowing you are minimising your energy wastage – no one wants their money going down the drain! The only aspect of this heating method which may require a small investment is the initial installation of the large heating oil tank and system, if your home doesn’t already have one. Although, as with anything, it will depend on the type and size of the system you require.

domestic heating oil rix

If you have are living in a chilly large house or have recently acquired a new home off the gas supply grid, this may be the perfect option for you. Despite it not being the only alternative to gas central heating, it is the cheapest. Rix specialises in the supply and installation of heating oil systems, including tanks, equipment and the oil itself. Their team always ensure that each client receives a regular supply of their high-quality domestic heating oil – so no one suffers in the dreary and unpredictable English weather! What’s more, their cost of heating oil is very reasonable.

Solar Panels

Another heating alternative that we are seeing crop up on people’s’ roofs more and more nowadays is solar panelling. Living in England, it isn’t feasible to rely on solar panels as your sole heating source, but it can definitely bring down your energy bills if used alongside another method. By staying connected to the national grid you can use your solar powered energy during the day and another method such as domestic heating oil or gas by night – saving you tons of money!

As with domestic heating oil, initially, you might have to splash some cash to have the panels installed on your roof. Once the hard part is done though, you can let the panels, and the sun, work their magic!

This is a great heating alternative if you are conscious of your environmental footprint, which we really all should be. There are no negative impacts on the environment whatsoever with solar panels as the energy is completely renewable. In simple terms, they convert light energy from the sun into electricity, which is used to power your home heating system and appliances. What’s even better about solar panels is that none of the energy produced goes to waste – if your home doesn’t need all the energy, it is transferred to power other homes on the grid!


If you have a small budget for installing a new heating system, electric heating may be your best option. There is a range of electric heating systems to suit the requirements of a variety of homes. One option to go for is electric storage heaters, which collect electricity throughout the day when it is off-peak and cheaper, to be released when you are at home and can feel the benefits.

Although electric heating systems are a lot cheaper to install than, for example, a domestic heating oil system would be, in the long-run, it will cost you significantly more. If you have the option to go for gas central heating or a domestic heating oil system, it is definitely worth making an initial investment to avoid any energy bill shocks further down the line!

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