House Of Horrors – The Downside Of Buying A Home

Most of us are sensible enough to survey a property before we buy it. But many standard surveys ordered by mortgage companies fail to show up some of the most common problems new home owners hate. Finding something wrong with your newly purchased property can be incredibly disheartening. And it can be very expensive to rectify!


Things like blocked toilets, poor water pressure in the shower, and a boiler that packs up can be difficult to deal with at first. These are just some of the horrors that require more work and time. Moving to a new area and trying to find tradespeople to help fix these newly discovered problems is tough. And finding the cash when you’ve just paid for removals is even tougher.


Most surveys for mortgages will identify major problems. Chimney stacks, missing guttering, and poor security are just some of the things that may appear on the report. Current standards of fire protection may also be lacking. More often than not your mortgage will not be paid until these things are rectified by the owner. But some quite serious problems can be missed. If subsidence is not common to the area and the signs of it are well-covered, you could end up with a serious bill to make your property right.


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Asbestos is usually picked up on surveys too. But there are places in your property where it could be too well hidden. You may only discover it when you start renovating or improving your property. Once you’ve found an asbestos removal company, you can discuss with them if it needs to be removed or is safe. Asbestos may have been identified in your outbuildings. Unless it is damaged, it may not need to be removed. Of course, if you need to make changes to the area, a professional removal might be advised.


When you pick up the keys to the property, you may find it hasn’t been left in a clean and tidy condition. Check with your solicitor to see if the sellers are responsible for this. You can then make a claim for them to return the property to good order. Of course, things can get tense, and it’s not nice for either party to have to manage this sort of problem. Sometimes, it’s easier to let things go. After all, most of us choose to clean the house to our own standards when we move in anyway.


Winter will reveal any horrors that weren’t apparent in warmer weather. Draughty windows and leaky roofs will quickly make your life miserable during a storm. It takes a long time to make a house a home, so try not to be too disheartened as problems crop up. However, it is worth putting money aside each month to cover the improvements and maintenance you may need to do to the property.


Owning your own home can be ever so freeing. You can choose your decor and even change the layout to suit your lifestyle. But there can be times when you feel like you live in a house of horrors. Make your next potential home viewing as thorough as you can.

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