How Do Double Glazing Windows Insulate So Well?

Windows are usually designed to keep out drought and keep in heat. However, some windows do the opposite. They let in cold air and let out heat. This results in high utility bills because the heater works overtime to maintain room temperature. To prevent this, you should improve window insulation and thus reduce your overall expenditure. You can do this by double glazing your windows.

Double glazing is a technique whereby two glass panes are separated by a vacuum. This vacuum acts as an insulator as it prevents air from escaping from within the house. The space between the two glass panes is properly insulated such that little or no air can be able to penetrate it. Additionally, a desiccant is included between the two panes so that it can keep out any moisture and prevent the formation of fog in the vacuum. The windows can either be tinted or clear. This depends on your personal preference.

double glazing windows

So how does double glazing work? Firstly, the presence of two panes doubles the space that heat has to get through. As a result, escaping of heat is twice as hard. This slows the movement of heat and thus makes insulation easier. However, the real power of insulation comes from the air that is trapped between the two panes.

You should first understand how heat is spread. Heat is comprised of molecules in motion. When excited molecules knock nearby molecules, the heat spreads out. The process through which heat spreads is called conduction. Therefore, the vacuum prevents air molecules from spreading out. It thus acts as an insulator. Although some air can still get through, it moves a lot slower and this limits its ability to escape. Double glazed windows work great alone, but their functionality can be improved by using coatings. A reflective coating can be applied on the outside of double glazed windows to keep harmful UV rays from penetrating. You can also apply a coating on the inside of the window to prevent heat from escaping.

Double glazing also goes a long way towards reducing noise pollution. The noise from outside, no matter how loud, will be prevented from getting into your home. This also works the other way around. If you are always blasting music through your speakers, your neighbors will not complain as much because double glazed windows are great at keeping noise trapped. For double glazing derby, contact Loco Windows and Fascias. Some windows panes have nitrogen filled cavities. This is said to reduce the escape of air even further.

Argon is another gas that is usually used by manufacturers in the manufacture of double glazed windows. It is said to be more effective than nitrogen in insulation. Laminated glass windows have a thin plastic membrane fixed between the two glass panes. This type of window is normally found in commercial buildings but homeowners can also use it. Laminated glass windows provide better insulation and they are shatterproof. The type of double glazed window you choose depends on the amount of insulation you need.

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