How Does Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Treat Hair Loss?

PRP is a regenerative method of treating hair loss using plasma that has a lot of platelets. This form of treatment is used to treat hair loss that is caused by excess male hormones in the body which thin the hair follicles causing them to fall off. PRP is a new form of treatment for hair loss that needs to be repeated over time because it does not completely cure hair loss.

Different people respond to PRP treatment differently and therefore the frequency of these treatments varies in different people. Regular maintenance of PRP treatments by the best hair transplant specialist in Lakewood Ranch every 3 to 6 months will help to keep your hair loss at bay. This procedure should be performed by an experienced hair specialist to prevent adverse side effects like pain.

How Is PRP Performed?

The doctor removes platelets from your body by drawing blood from the veins in your arms after sterilizing the area. The blood sample is then taken to the laboratory where it is centrifuged. Centrifuging the blood helps to separate the different cells of the blood and the plasma. The doctor removes platelets from the centrifuged blood sample using a syringe.

The doctor will then inject these platelets into the areas that have hair loss. It is unlikely that your body will reject these platelets because they are your own.  This procedure takes an hour to complete and you can go home immediately after the procedure. The doctor will then advise you on when you should come for another check-up.

PRP is a safe procedure when it is done by an experienced specialist. You may experience mild pain and swelling in the area of the injection. Other common side effects include mild bleeding at the injection site, itching of that area, and a mild headache. Infection is a rare complication that can occur if the procedure is not done in sterile conditions.

How Does PRP Treat Hair Loss?

Platelets are part of the blood cells that help to respond to a cut or injury by causing clotting of the blood and this accelerates the rate of healing. When a lot of platelets are concentrated in plasma to form Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), they help to treat hair loss because platelets contain a lot of growth factors and proteins that stimulate the growth of new cells in the body.

Because hair cells are damaged in hair loss that is caused by excess androgens, it is suggested that the growth factors in the platelets can reverse the system of hair loss and cause the hair cells to grow back. PRP has also gained use in the treatment of sporting injuries by helping in the regrowth of muscle cells, tendons, and ligaments. You can visit a hair specialist to find out whether you can benefit from PRP treatment for your hair loss.


Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is a plasma that has high numbers of platelets and is a form of treatment for hair loss that is caused by a high amount of androgenic hormones in the body. PRP involves separating platelets from your blood sample through centrifugation and then injecting the platelets in the area which has hair loss. Platelets have growth factors that support the regrowth of hair. You should consult an experienced hair treatment physician to find out whether you would benefit from PRP treatment.

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