How to Class Up Your Kitchen with a Beautiful New Countertop

It is essential to make your kitchen environment as conducive as possible. One way to achieve this is by having the right countertop material. Ensure to correctly design your countertop to make sure you create the perfect mood in your kitchen.

There are many materials you can use for your kitchen countertop. Such include natural stones, laminates, solid surface, and a concrete surface. To make sure you choose the right type of material, follow the following procedures. Keep in mind that not any item can work the magic; you have to consider what will work for you and your family before choosing.

Assess your Budget

If you are to class up your kitchen with a new countertop, it has to be within your budget capabilities. You need to have the right estimate of how much you can spend. What material can you afford? Can you pay the installation fee? You have to put all the logistics into account before settling on what to buy.

This does not imply that you go for a cheaper option; it means you choose a material you can afford and will still be an improvement to your kitchen. Whatever choice you make, ensure to get the value for your money from your material of choice.


With the many activities that take place in a kitchen, the right type of material for your countertop will be one that can stand the test of time. It has to be scratch-proof to survive the many activities that take place in the kitchen and non-porous to prevent it from harboring bacteria.

It also needs to be heat resistant, so that the high temperature in the kitchen does not deteriorate it in any way. Altogether, the material you choose needs to be of help with all the kitchen activities. Therefore, before you make a choice, ensure the material will be ideal for your kitchen.

Consider Your Aesthetic Values

It is essential to get aesthetics right if you are to improve the class of your kitchen with a new countertop.  Let it add a sense of beauty to your kitchen. Your countertop must look the part; it must match your lavish home and preferred taste. Ensure to keep your family in mind, choose a material that will work for all.

Choose a material that will enlighten your mood when you enter your kitchen. With a beautiful countertop, you will increase the value of your home, which is essential if you are planning to sell in the future. When deciding on your countertop material, make sure to get the right blend of beauty and color that will match with your kitchen.


It will not matter if your choice of material fits into your budget, is durable, or beautiful if it will be a torture to maintain. Countertops are meant to make work easier. Ensure your material of choice will be easy to maintain and does not stain easily. It applies more if you have a small family with little ones who are likely to spill on the counter.

An easy to maintain material will protect your family from illnesses that might have been caused by the accumulation of dirt on the counters.

Choose a Material

After looking at what makes a countertop classy, we are going to try and analyze the various types of materials you can use for your counter. The following is a list of countertop materials you can use in your kitchen.

Natural Stones

Looking for a combination of beauty and durability, then a natural stone countertop will be your best bet. There are many types of natural stones- they include granite, marble, soapstone, and quartz. Their unique look makes for such an impressive view in your kitchen. For more information on natural stones, visit slabmarket. The following is a detailed description of some types of natural stones you can use for your countertop.

  • Marble: With its checkered patterns, it will give your kitchen an extraordinary look. It is both heat and waterproof making it very efficient for a kitchen. Its limitations include easy staining, high price, and scratches quickly.
  • Granite: Formed by volcanic reactions, it has a glittering appearance that will add beauty to your kitchen. It’s both durable and heat resistant meaning it will stand the test of time, giving you the value for your money. Its only limitation might be the price, which is a little high.
  • Soapstone: It presents a very smooth countertop for your kitchen. Even though it is soft, it’s a very strong material that lasts long if correctly managed. It is both heat resistant and non-porous. Its noticeable limitation is that it scratches easily.
  • Quartz: It is a very durable natural stone that is both heat and scratch-resistant. It easy to maintain and does not require sealing to be effective. It is efficient for your kitchen as it does not harbor dirt or bacteria, keeping every member of your family safe.

Laminates Countertop

Laminates are plastics bonded under high pressure that are durable, easy to maintain, and water-resistant. There are many colors and patterns you can choose from to satisfy your aesthetic values. It also goes for an affordable price and is easy to install. Its disadvantage is that it does not add a substantial amount of value to your home.

Solid Surface Countertop

Formed by acrylic epoxide solid surface countertops are stain-resistant, easy to maintain, and durable. Its color possibilities are endless, giving you the chance to choose one that fits your aesthetic values. It is not prudent to expose it to direct heat as it disintegrates easily.

Concrete Surface Countertop

Concrete countertops are durable, easy to maintain, and heat resistant. They provide you with a smooth surface for your kitchen activities. They are easy to mold into any shape or size meaning you can create a countertop however you desire. Its limitation is that it absorbs liquids which could be harbor bacteria which can cause illnesses.

Final Thought

It is clear that to have class in your new countertop material; you must understand what makes a material valuable and use that information to make a decision. Your kitchen is one of the most influential parts of your home, and you should take your time to set it up correctly- so that it becomes a source of inspiration to your family.

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