How to Find the Right Cosmetic Dentist in Pompano Beach, FL

Pompano Beach, FL, has no shortage of cosmetic dentists. Cosmetic dentistry is a popular field since most people want to have the best smile for the whole world to see. So, how do you find the right SEDA Dental specialist to be assured of the best results? Below is the criteria to help you when evaluating your options.

Consider Multiple Dentists

Start by selecting several potential dentists. Avoid going to the fist dentist who comes on your list. Ask around from friends and family and then make visits to the dentists’ offices to have a close feel of their service.

Ask Questions

When you visit their office, the following 4 questions can help you choose the best cosmetic dentist:

1. What Training and Certifications Do You Possess?

You want to be sure that your dentist attended a reputable school (this can be found online) and they have all the requisite certifications. You can contact the local Dental Board to verify their license. Additionally, your doctor should also have accreditation from the American Association of Cosmetic Dentists (AACD). AACD regulates the practice of cosmetic dentistry countrywide and provides training, examination, and certification.

2. What is Your Experience in Cosmetic Dentistry?

This is a vital question to help you separate professional cosmetic dentists from general dentists. You want to have the most experienced doctor, more so when you are clear about the needed procedure to help assure that the procedure will be free from complications.

3. What are Your Anaesthetic Options?

Full sedation requires a dentist to have a dedicated anesthesiologist, and may not be available to every dentist. Even though most dental procedures do not require full sedation, it may be required in some cases.  For instance, when you suspect that you will not be able to undergo the operation while seated still on a chair, full sedation may be considered.

4. What are the Available Payment Plans?

Most dental insurance plans only cover a portion of your cosmetic dental bills. Most cosmetic dentists provide credit services, but they have different terms and conditions on repayment. It is essential that you work with a cosmetic dentist who meets your financial needs.

What are your needs?

Your needs will depend on whether you require a general cosmetic dentist or a specialist in the required procedure. A specialist will be the best option for you if you have extreme dental issues or cases which are unusual and thus, beyond the capability of a general dentist. Always evaluate your case before settling on a dentist to help enhance the success rate. 


You will require to visit your cosmetic dentist multiple times and during each trip anaesthetics will be used, leaving you unable to drive. Accessibility to the clinic is a significant decision, and you should ideally settle on a practitioner who is close to where you live. If this is not possible, you will have to find someone who can drive you home after the procedure.

Testimonials and Past Work

Any good dentist will have success stories from past clients. Look out for testimonials on their websites. Celebrity endorsements are also an excellent way to help you choose the best cosmetic dentist. Happy clients will always express their satisfaction and rate the services of a dentist.

If you need cosmetic dentistry services in Pompano Beach, FL, you can now settle on the best provider without delay. 

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