How to Get Rid of Sagging Skin around the Neck and the Face

The increase in the use of mobile devices has put a lot of pressure on our necks leading to a degeneration of muscles. The loose skin and double chin may make you lose confidence and lead to shyness. You may want to contact a specialist who can help with face & neck lift in San Francisco. The neck lift helps to remove the excess muscles, skin, and fat leaving you with a well-toned neck.

Find a Doctor That Can Access Your Condition

Find a doctor who has mastered the art of facial cosmetic surgery; a doctor will inspect your face and neck to know the extent of the surgery they will conduct on you. A doctor will start by applying local anesthesia and sedation on the neck and parts of the face that needs lifting. Most of the preoperative sedatives used by most cosmetic surgeons include morphine and Nembutal, which should be administered 45 mins before the surgery, and the amount will depend on the requirements of the patient.

The Operational Procedure

You will be attached to monitors on the operation table that makes sure that the procedure does not have any trouble. You will be prepped and draped and the doctor will mark the part of the body that needs correctional surgery. These marks are made on the face, the neck, and the part behind the neck close to the neckline.

The operative marks on the neck and face are made based on the prior evaluation conducted by the doctor. The extent of submental excision and varies from one patient to another, depending on the extent of the surgery to be conducted.

Once the incisions have been placed on the skin and sectioning has been done, then two double hooks may be used to elevate the edge of the skin. By using forceps for counteraction, the fat from the skin is detached and dissected free from the skin. A doctor should be careful to leave some little flesh to ensure its viability. While conducting fat resection, a doctor should ensure proper tapering such that the tissues can fit well with the remaining tissues to avoid significant irregularities and a smooth healing process.

Dressing and Post Operation Care

Once the doctor has got rid of the excess skin and sterilized the area, the body part dressed in oil-soaked cotton. The part is then pressed by a 4-inch cling dressing that helps to press the skin on the body part gently. When the surgery is over, elevate the bed to 30 degrees, the doctor should inspect the skin after 24 hours for signs of infections and other complications. The patient will start by removing the light dressing and gradually removes the whole dressing as the wound heals gradually.


Change of lifestyle can affect how our bodies function, the neck, and face is prone to skin sacking, which results from using the phone for a long time. The effect of skin sacking can make you lose confidence, with aesthetic surgery may help you get rid of the sacking skin and restore your confidence.

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