How to Have an Elegant Dining Room on a Budget?

Everyone wants to build an elegant-looking home. Nothing can give you as much joy and peace as coming home to a well-decorated and comfortable space. However, some people think that this is not possible if they have a tight decorating budget. This is just a misconception, though, as there are a few budget-friendly ways to decorate your home.

One thing you have to take note of when it comes to decorating your home is that the dining room is the hardest room to tackle. Fortunately, you will now be on your way towards beautifully and elegantly decorating your dining room without going over your budget with the aid of the following tips:

1. Find resale furniture pieces

Note that if you are on a budget, there is no need for you to buy expensive and brand-new pieces of furniture. You can look for more reasonably priced ones by checking out if there are resale options. Just make sure that you determine the specific type of furniture piece you want. For instance, if you prefer Amish-made dining room furniture, then find out if there are resale pieces under this category.

Look for good deals by checking out local paper for estate or moving sales. You might also want to check out online yard sales as well as bigger websites that tend to list pieces of furniture at cheaper prices instead of retail costs. By choosing to buy resale, you get the chance to access real bargains. Just be patient with the whole process as it might take longer for you to find the right piece at the right price.

2. Incorporate an accent wall

Regardless if you decide to paint your wall with a new and bold color or choose to add a modern wallpaper design, incorporating an accent wall into it will immediately refresh your dining space’s look. The good news is that both wallpaper and paint are cheap and easy to apply. By incorporating an accent wall into it, you can make a focal point even if you do not undertake major renovations.

Begin by deciding on which specific part of the wall you wish to accent. Make sure that the accent wall is the first part that people will see once they enter your dining room. The chosen part of the wall should not also have windows or doors to ensure that the accent will stand out without interruptions.

When choosing an accent wall, do not hesitate to go for one that makes a statement. It should be eye-catching enough. It is the perfect time for you to take advantage of prints and patterns, incorporate some metallic accents, or make a gallery wall with your fun family photos. Use your creativity when tackling this project. Just make sure that the accent wall is in contrast with the remaining parts of the room.

3. Scale down furniture items

It is important to scale down furniture based on the specific size of your dining room to prevent it from being too crowded. Your goal is to avoid buying an item, which is too large for the available space. For instance, you may want to check out smaller solid wood dining tables that are more affordable and longer-lasting than bigger and other kinds of material.

You can choose one that will serve as a focal point in a room. If possible, pick a light-colored wooden material, too, as this can make your room look bigger. Avoid darker-colored ones as much as possible as these tend to consume some space visually.

4. Add statement lighting

Another simple way to make your room look elegant while sticking to a tight budget is to replace basic lighting fixtures with statement lighting. Do not hesitate to pick a statement lighting that meets your fancy (ex. large pendants and unique-looking chandeliers). Go for a piece, which looks and feels authentic based on your sense of style.

When implementing this tip, the first thing you have to do is to factor in the actual proportions of your dining room. Consider the actual size of your dining table and the available space. If you have a formal dining table with a seating capacity of ten then it would be ideal to check out a row of pendants that perfectly match.

If your entire dining room only has a small capacity (up to 4, for instance) then going for just one chandelier can already help. A basic rule is to choose a statement lighting fixture capable of covering up to two-thirds of your dining table. Layering the lighting is also necessary to prevent it from being the only lighting source.

You may want to add recessed lighting to get enough light and some accent features capable of brightening dark corners. Also, keep in mind that an elegant dining room is all about the atmosphere and ambiance. With that in mind, look for affordable statement lighting features that you can set into a dimmer mode.

5. Look for knock-offs

In case there is a specific dining room piece that you love but you can’t afford its price range because it is an expensive brand, then you may want to start researching to find out if there are knock-offs of it. There is a great chance that if you are on a tight budget, then you will not have enough money to buy an original piece of décor item or wall art. Find out if there are less expensive knock-offs or replicas of the piece you love. If you are resourceful and patient enough then you can find one that looks close to the original.


Aside from the budget-friendly dining room decoration tips already mentioned, it is also advisable to let yourself have fun all throughout the decorating process. Make sure that the space reflects who you are. Do not hesitate to infuse it with anything that shows your personality. Shop at garage sales and buy decorative glass bottles or any other affordable decorative item that can spice up your dining room.

Note that even with a tight budget, you can still make your dining room look beautiful depending on whether you want a classic, contemporary, or casual theme. With an elegant-looking dining room, your dining experiences, especially together with your loved ones, will always be fun and unforgettable.

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