How To Make Your Home Look Luxurious The Cheap Way

Everyone wants a house of dreams which is not impossible at all if you follow Susan’s guideline of six for a luxurious home.  Planning and organising are the keys to success which are the first and foremost of her principles whenever you are starting off a project for your room or the entire house.


Add a Panoramic Frame:

A large size frame of a landscape or the running horses add an incredible richness to the decor.  They look expensive but you can easily make use of canvases for the purpose as they present a very close copy of original artist’s work. Select an oil painting of famous artists to make your room luxurious and well in the budget.


The Magic of Candles:

Buy yourself a few nice stem candle holders.  They always bring in the charm of the early nineteenth century and offer luxuriousness to the ambiance.  The side tables or the centre coffee table are a great place to put your long candles.  Scented candles are an additional feature whose aroma can lead to a mesmerizing atmosphere.


Less is Always Right:

A luxurious look does not mean that you put all your treasures onto display.  Keep in mind that less is always good.  Go for only a few good pieces to decorate the room.  They help you to keep them clean, neat and maintained.  Cluttering small spaces increase your work and look like a thrift shop.


Add a Centre Piece:

A big centre piece which can be a glass bowl or a vase with flowers looks chic.  Invest in one good piece for the centre table.  Add huge flowers or leaves in the centre or near the floor cushions for the urban decor look.


Use Light and Rich Colours Together:

When it comes to the colour for your room, keep the walls in light colour to give space to the room.  Add an accent of a rich colour through the fabrics, by going for the gold and silver.  Remember not to over-do the rich colour.  Light strokes flowing into the main colour look fascinating.


Add the Drama:

This can only be done by the addition of the warm yellow lights and spot lights.  Direct your lights in special ways to create a dramatic effect which give a feeling of cosiness to the room.

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