How to Prepare for Hair Restoration Transplant

If you contact Advanced Robotic Hair Restoration Centers, the specialists may recommend a hair restoration transplant. It is a cosmetic procedure that restores hair to bald or thinning areas. Before getting the surgery, you must have a few things in mind.

Start preparing for the procedure at least two hours before the scheduled date. Some of the most important things to do include scheduling a minimum of three days off work, keeping your hair long, and speaking with your doctor about the procedure. Keep reading to learn more about the procedure.

Stop Smoking

You should avoid smoking for at least 24 hours before your surgery. Smoking may slow down your healing. It makes the blood vessels constrict, thereby reducing the flow of blood and nutrients to your scalp. It may increase the concentration of carbon monoxide in your blood which slows down the healing of your wound. It may increase the probability of permanent wounding.

Don’t Get a Haircut

While this may sound obvious, it is a mistake that many people make. Allow your donor area to grow to ensure that you have enough hair for the procedure. The hair will minimize the appearance of stitches from the surgery.

Stop Taking Medication

If you are under any medication, let your doctor know about it two weeks before the surgery. Some medications may be bad for you during the recovery process. If you take beta-blockers, your doctor will switch them temporarily. In the week before surgery, avoid taking anti-inflammatory medications such as Ibuprofen and Aspirin. If you take medication for heart health or blood pressure, you should not stop taking it.

Avoid Alcohol

Do not take alcohol three days before your surgery. Ideally, you should take your last alcoholic drink no less than seven days before surgery.

Start Taking the Right Medication

Before surgery, your doctor may suggest that you start taking certain medications. Minoxidil is a common option. The type of medication you take may vary depending on the severity of hair loss. You may have to take antibiotics to lower the risk of infection. Depending on your age, a blood test may be necessary.

On the Day of Treatment

On the treatment day, avoid performing strenuous tasks. You should be as relaxed as possible at the time of treatment. In the morning, take a shower and wash your hair gently. Dry it but do not apply any products.

Wear comfortable clothes that you can put on or take off without touching your head. Go for tops with buttons or zippers.

After Surgery

Once your procedure is done, your doctor may give you a set of rules to follow until you recover. They will provide you with most of the instructions before your surgery. For a few days after the procedure, your head may be sore and swollen. Take time to rest until the site heals. Your recovery time depends on the type of procedure your doctor uses.

If you are unsure of what to do before or after your hair restoration transplant procedure, seek the opinion of your doctor.

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