How to Prepare Your Home for an Open House

Selling your home is never easy – it’s an emotional, time-consuming and delicate process. But, if you’ve already decided to sell your place, all you have to do is make it as pretty as possible. Sprucing it up might seem like the simplest thing in the world, but it actually isn’t, especially if you know that literally anyone can come and buy your home. That’s why you have to make it welcoming, cozy and appealing to different kinds of people, and this requires some planning ahead. So, if you too are about to put your home on the market, but are still unsure how to make it beautiful and ready for potential visitors, here are a couple of ideas you might want to take into consideration.

Declutter it room by room

Clutter is among the things buyers hate the most and it’s one of those things that will make your home unattractive to just about every person in the world. Unless you declutter every room of your home before inviting people to check it out, you won’t be able to sell it, regardless of its location, size and price. So, get started and start organizing the decluttering process.

Decluttering the entire house might seem like a lot of work at first, but it’s rather doable if you put your mind to it. Start doing it room by room and pay attention to every detail, every corner and every inch of your living space. Divide your possessions into several categories – things you’ll save, recycle, fix, throw away and donate – and deal with them one category at a time. Once you’ve decided what you’re going to keep, take everything else out of the house and don’t let potential buyers see how many things you used to have scattered around the place.

Reorganize the furniture

Reorganize the furniture

Once you’ve removed everything you don’t need from your home, it’s time to work with what you’ve got. What most people seem to forget is that an open house is supposed to appeal to new people, which is why you should prepare your home for the arrival of someone whose taste for furniture and décor is different than yours. Luckily, there’s a way to fix this problem – go as neutral as you can.

What this basically means is reorganizing your furniture so that it allows more maneuvering space and gives people the sense of freedom and openness. This is what most homebuyers are looking for, and it’s a way to make your home stand out. Focusing on the living room during this process might make the most sense because this is where people spend the biggest portion of their free time, and it’s a sure way to attract lots and lots of potential buyers.

Think about the exterior

Unlike small apartments in residential buildings, houses often come with some exterior space, and it’s your job to turn this asset into a selling point for your property. Sprucing up your backyard seems like a lot of work and a project you’ll have to invest a ton of money into, but it’s actually easier than you think, and the benefits that come with it are huge.

Redoing your deck is one of the ideas you might want to start with. This is the space where people love spending their free time, especially those who enjoy being in the open, which is why a great deck will help you sell your home faster than you think. Nevertheless, be sure to leave this part of the job to the professionals because they’ll be able to fix, repaint and maintain your deck in the best way possible, helping you attract more buyers than ever.

What about the paving?

Speaking of the backyard, you might want to think outside the box for a while and take your landscaping design into account as well. Most people are perfectly capable of mowing their lawn and trimming their hedges, but are you able to add new paving, for instance? Don’t worry if you’re not – there are always people you can call.

Hiring experts to design and add some paving to your garden is the best way to take its looks to a new level and boost the overall value of your home, which is why this is definitely an invest you should make. People with experience in landscaping will mean more to you than you can imagine, and you should seek their help while preparing for an open house.

Fix what needs to be fixed

Nobody likes seeing leaky faucets, worn-out carpets and peeling paint on the walls, and if your home is full of these things, you’ll probably never sell it. That’s why you should do a thorough inspection of your interior space and identify all those issues you need to address as soon as possible. Once you do that, start fixing them one by one, and try to do it before your potential buyers arrive.

Besides fixing things around the house, consider repainting it as well. You can probably do this on your own, or ask a couple of friends to give you a hand, and you’ll be done in just a couple of days. You won’t spend too much money nor invest too much time, but your home will look newer, fresher, cozier and more inviting than ever, and that’s what all potential buyers are going to appreciate. Of course, be sure to pick the right wall color – going neutral is sometimes the best thing to do, but you can also accentuate a certain area of your home by using a different shade.

As you can see, preparing your home for an open house isn’t as hard as most people think, and all you have to do is put yourself in your buyers’ shoes – think about the things you’d like to see in a house you’re about to buy, and use this insight to your own advantage. If you manage to pull this off, you’ll sell your home quite quickly and be ready to move into a new one right away!

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