How To Prepare Your Small Kids For The Removal

2v7szm8Moving to a new place is a very important part of people lives. Although mostly a delightful experience, it can be also a stressful one especially if you have small kids who are the ones to feel most strongly the loss of the home, the hood and sometimes even town. Kids are much more affectionate than us when it comes to their home, the friends from the hood, the streets and everything that comes together with all these. That is why you should take time to explain your kids the situation and what is making you move to a new home. Remember, if you prepare your kid for the “big” day he or she will take it much easier and less stressful.

Often parents are so busy thinking about the removal, full of worries not to forget something that they actually forget about the most important thing – the fact that children find it hard to say “goodbye” to all familiar and loved things and go on to the new stage of life. You need to deal very careful with this situation in order to help your children overcome the big change as effortless as possible.

1. Travel
Even if you have already shown the new home to your family, take your time and organize a short trip to the new place. Start with the apartment or the house, tell your kids details about how it will look like, where their rooms will be and then let them walk around the place for a while to get familiar with it. If your children are small (3-5 years) it is very suitable to organize a game for example hide and seek. This way you will be able to introduce the new place to them in an easy and funny manner.

p2a842. A box full of memories
Make sure that every single thing, memory is packed into a box and taken to the new home. These things are the most valuable ones for kids. You can even delegate the kid the responsibility of looking after the box. Make your child take part in the whole removal process, this will make him or her feel less stressed about the change.

3. Make a party
Yes, the time immediately after the removal is not considered the most appropriate one for throwing a party. But such an event brings many positive emotions all connected with the place. Organize a special family dinner the first evening you spend in the new home. Senses are said to the main method of creating memories. That is why you need to turn the first days, weeks and even months in the new home into an unforgettable experience.

4. Get back to the routine
And do it as soon as possible. Routine is the thing that gives children the feeling of safety that is very important at their age. Have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time as in the previous home, play the same games, keep the same time for going to bed. Make your children feel secure by giving them the feeling that the place of living is the only thing in their lives that has changed, everything remains the same.

And remember one very important rule – give a serious, detailed answer to every question your children have to ask you. Kids are very intelligent, do not underestimate their ability to understand important things in life!

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