How To Protect Your Home When You Work Away

Some jobs require you to work away from home for periods of time. Whether that is one night, or for a few months, you will want to know that your home is completely protected against burglars. Coming home after a while away working and seeing that your property has been broken into is a feeling that you’ll never forget, no matter how hard you try.

Here are some useful tips on keeping your home safe even when you’re not there so that after you have been working hard, you know you have somewhere secure and comfortable to come back to.

Hide The Signs

There will be signs that tell others that there is no one home. These include:

  • Mail piling up on the mat
  • Leaflets hanging out of the door
  • Blinds and drapes not being pulled
  • Lights staying off (or on)

To ensure that these things don’t happen, speak to a good neighbor or a nearby friend, and see if they can come round and tidy everything up for you. They’ll need to do this at different times each day, however, so that if anyone is watching they’ll know there isn’t a set schedule.


It’s not just thieves that you need to be careful of; if you’re not at home to keep an eye on everything because your job as an airline nurse, pilot, salesperson, truck driver, or similar stops you from coming home each night, then damage can occur. One of the biggest hazards is fire.

To prevent a fire from happening, make sure you unplug everything at the socket (except for any lights you want to have coming on and off to show the house isn’t empty, and the fridge and freezer, of course). Not only will this keep everything safer but it will save you money on your bills too – there’s no point in paying for electricity if you’re not at home to use it.

Don’t Tell The World

Social media is a wonderful thing, but it can cause a lot of problems too. If you always post on it when you’re going to be away from home, you are effectively broadcasting your absence to the world (even if you have great privacy settings, a friend of a friend could potentially still find out that you’ll be away).

If you have photos to share, wait until you’re back home to do it; if you’re working you can then concentrate on what you’re doing (and you probably shouldn’t be using social media anyway), and if you’re on vacation you can enjoy the day rather than constantly be staring at a screen. Everyone wins.

Pretend You’re Home

Although you don’t (necessarily), have to go as far as the story of Home Alone, for example, the idea of pretending someone is home when they’re not is a good one. Set your lighting on timer switches, for example, and let a neighbor park in your spot. If you don’t need your vehicle, take a cab to the airport or your place of work and leave your car parked outside your home – it will be off-putting to potential thieves.

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