How to Sell a Luxury Home in Seattle

Luxury homes have luxurious features that justify the high price tag. Luxury homes for sale in Seattle attract luxury homebuyers hence you should have a focused marketing strategy. Selling your luxury home gives you the chance to put your best foot forward by applying the right strategies that will have you selling your home in a short period.

Quality photos and videos

The current real estate market trends reveal that most buyers start the home search process online where they view various homes on real estate sites. As such, you should seek to give your luxury property an online presence to attract potential home buyers. Enlist the services of a real estate agent that will host your property listing on their site. Online listing of property requires the seller to post photos and videos of the home to show case the interior and exterior of the home.

The first step is to hire an experienced real estate photographer that will take quality photos of your home. The photos should portray the features of the home in terms of showing the living spaces, bathrooms, bedrooms, entertainment rooms, and outdoor landscape. The photos should give a true depiction of the home without creating an illusion of space because buyers frown upon false advertisement.

Videos of the interior and exterior of your home allow potential buyers to take a virtual walk through the home. Ensure the video has a sensible flow in terms of allowing the buyer to view rooms progressively from the entrance to the back yard.


The price of a home is an impactful feature that either attracts buyers or turns them away from your property. Your luxury home should have an appropriate price tag that justifies the location, size, and luxury elements of the home. You may seek to conduct a home appraisal in order to establish the right value of your home. The appraisal may help you change, repair, or update certain elements of the home in order to increase the value and fetch a good amount of money during the sale.

Your real estate agent may conduct a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) that will reveal the prices of luxury homes in your particular location in order to give you a basic starting point for pricing. The additional relevant luxury features of your home will create the price difference.


Staging a home is often a necessary step of selling a home because it allows the seller to present the home in a tasteful manner that will attract buyers. The common misconception among sellers is that staging require professional staging whereby you buy or hire new furniture for your home. The truth is that you can stage your home using the furniture pieces that you have whereby you only need to rearrange them properly.

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You should start by cleaning the home and de-cluttering all the rooms to create space and clean lines. Eliminate certain furniture pieces and decorations from the home to enhance its aesthetic appeal. Ensure that you take photos and videos of the home after staging in order to enhance the quality of the output.

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