How to Swaddle Muslin Baby Blankets

Why do many parents go out and get a muslin blanket? This is because it’s one of the best blankets to swaddle a baby. The great thing about swaddling is that its very simple to do.

How do you learn how to swaddle a baby? Will the baby be comfortable with the swaddling? What benefits does swaddling give to the baby?

If your baby sleeps well, you as a parent also get a good night’s sleep. This is why we give you simple tips on how to swaddle your baby in the correct way. After a few steps, you’ll become a pro!

Become a Pro in Swaddling!

If you have your baby there and a swaddle blanket, you’re good to go! It may be confusing the first time you do it. But once you find your technique around it, it’s a very handy way to keep the baby calm. Making swaddling a routine also helps your baby feel more comfortable with it.

  1. Start with your baby blanket spread on a flat surface
  2. Fold it into a triangle shape
  3. Place your baby with care at the center
  4. Make sure that the baby’s shoulders are below the fold
  5. Secure one arm of your baby alongside their body. The arm can remain a bit bent for comfort
  6. Taking the same side of the blanket, fold it over the baby’s chest
  7. One of the arms should still be under the blanket
  8. Tuck the edge of the blanket under the body. You can leave the other arm out
  9. Do the same steps with the remaining arm and secure it inside the blanket
  10. Finally, tuck the end of the blanket under the body

Why Swaddling Is Effective for Sleep Time

As parents, it can be hard to find rest and sleep with a baby to take care of. Your little ones will tell you if they’re not comfortable and it can be exhausting. When you can’t find what’s bothering them you end up staying awake the entire night and day.

Babies need a lot of sleep and it bothers them when they don’t get it. If your baby isn’t hungry, it’s sleepy and it can take a toll on you both. Experts do suggest using the swaddling technique to help your baby get to sleep. A swaddled sleeping baby is much better than dealing with a baby that doesn’t get the sleep it needs to grow.

Take your time to learn how to swaddle. Learn different techniques if you have to. Watch tutorials or have someone teach it to you firsthand. The results are well worth it!

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