Improve Your Kitchen Design with Bar Stools from the Funky Chair Website

Modern kitchen design has evolved over the last decade, with particular attention being paid towards the kitchen area. With research showing that most families spend the majority of quality time together in the kitchen, it’s no real surprise that interior designers are focusing their efforts on improving these living spaces to maximise comfort and the design space. One item which is increasingly being seen in kitchen is the bar stool. Once a common site in pubs, bars, and wineries, bar stools are now seen as an excellent design addition to any kitchen remodeling project.


There are literally hundreds of designs on the market which can suit all tastes and designs, but there’s one website we’ve recently seen which stocks such a large and varied range of bar stools that it’s impossible not to find something to compliment your kitchen – that website is The Funky Chair. Take a look at it and you will see what we mean. Just as a few examples picked from their homepage they are offering retro looking kitchen bar stools, and more contemporary designs. However, if you delve a little bit deeper into their website you will see that you can also choose from leather options, brushed steels, funky bar stools and many more.


Whilst The Funky Chair is a UK based website, they do ship abroad to overseas customers so no matter where you are based you will be able to add that final touch to your kitchen re-design with some very cool bar stools.


I think the reason that they are so popular is because they don’t take up too much room, can slide underneath a kitchen counter surface easily and sit high up… plus they are comfortable – if they weren’t people wouldn’t sit for hours on them in bars. So if you want to explore the range and see if you can get something to fit your kitchen design, head on over to The Funky Chair’s website and get shopping for bar stools today!


Author Bio:

Jane Thomas is a fashion and design blogger based in London, UK. She works freelance for many design-based eCommerce stores in a marketing function, including The Funky Chair.

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