Improve Your Home this Holiday Season

Improving your home during the holiday season is the perfect time to get things done and show off a new custom home look for your house. Using holiday time to complete projects you have been putting off could be relaxing and fun, and they will pay off for you in the long run. Here are five small-scale projects that you can start now and finish by the end of the holiday.

holiday home improvement

Kitchen Repainting

A fresh kitchen can enhance your home and life. You don’t need a lot of tools, but a tradesman might be necessary to help you get the job done. A trendy color for your kitchen can update a dated room. Try a punchy orange, a flat blue or something more vivid.


New Bathroom Tiles

If you have been meaning to replace your dingy tiles, then now is the perfect time. Bamboo flooring is a popular choice for modern bathrooms. You may also want to opt for hardwood floors or stone tile. Great flooring can last decades, and is a fairly simple project. You could complete it in a single day or within a weekend.


Updated Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets show wear and tear quickly and white cabinets show grime particularly easily. If your cabinets are looking banged up, replace them with something updated and modern. Deep-wood finishes are an excellent choice, but steel can look modern and fresh. Cabinets can be a small enough project if your kitchen isn’t huge, and your entire kitchen and dining area will feel better because of the update.


New Wall Decor

Wall decals and designer wallpaper are new and popular amongst people who have issues committing to permanent style changes in their home. Decals can take up an entire wall, but they are easy to remove and affordable. You will need to enlist the help of another person, but the job is quick and easy. This can be a dramatic shift to liven up your living space without a lot of money or time.


Better Lighting

Lighting can completely alter what you experience when you are at home. Great lighting can be more cost efficient and look better. LED lights are chic and modern. Installing them in your home is easy and an instant upgrade to the style of your home. They can be installed anywhere you choose, and they can even be customized to suit specific needs. Auto-dimming lights are perfect for bedrooms, and large lights with high wattage are a must for living areas.



Improving your home this holiday season gives you the opportunity to reclaim your home and make it yours. A custom home remodel could be just the thing you need, and you will have fun showing your hard work off to family and friends who visit during the holidays.


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