Improvements to Consider with Bathroom Remodeling

If you’re looking into bathroom remodeling, this is the perfect time to add a bidet toilet seat. While these seats are quick and easy to install, adding one while you’re remodeling will allow you to customize your bathroom to best suit this new feature. To begin with, you should look for a two piece toilet if you don’t already have one. Bio Bidet has options that will fit both one and two piece models, but you’ll have a wider range of choices if you simply opt for a two piece toilet to begin with. There are many styles, so you can easily find one to fit.

Next, consider the type of bidet toilet seat that best fits with your bathroom remodeling. You can choose a basic model with one or two simple functions, or a more advanced bidet toilet seat that has a wide range of settings. You can choose from toilet seats that come both with and without a remote control. If you choose a bidet toilet seat with a remote control, consider installing a special shelf near the toilet for storing the controller. This will make it easy to keep the remote control for your bidet on hand, and prevent any mishaps where it gets misplaced.

Some bidet toilet seats require an electrical outlet. If you don’t have an appropriate outlet near your toilet, bathroom remodeling gives you the perfect opportunity to move or add an electrical outlet in the bathroom. If you prefer to use an extension cord from an existing outlet, you may want to enclose the cord in a plastic casing to keep it from getting wet, damaged, or trampled on. You can even run the cord along the wall rather than the floor. When you know ahead of time how and where the bidet will be plugged in, it becomes much easier to plan for in your bathroom remodeling plans.

Though a bidet will make it much easier to clean up after using the bathroom, you shouldn’t eliminate toilet paper from the bathroom completely. Heady with the new freedom provided by your bidet toilet seat, you may be tempted to rip out your toilet paper holder in the bathroom remodeling process. In the United   States, you should keep in mind that many guests may not be comfortable using the bidet. You should also keep toilet paper on hand for cleaning up before using the bidet when needed, and for drying off afterwards if your bidet doesn’t have a built-in air dryer.

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