Innovative Treatment for Spine Problems

Research in the medical field always gives hope to people with various health issues.  Researchers encounter new treatment methods which often thereby help in alleviating problems. For a long time, people suffering from herniated disc knew surgery as the only way to stop the pain. Doctor Warren Bleiweiss has developed an alternative treatment that utilizes the ability of the body to heal itself. The facility opened by the doctor has the best regenerative medicine in Caldwell. The hospital offers alternative disc therapy, and patients who have undergone the treatment have good things to say about the doctor.

Dr. Bleiweiss, who is in charge of the hospital, is an expert in using ozone disc injections to treat disc herniation. The facility is proud to share that it is certified by the American Stem Cell Physician, American Board of Pain Medicine, and American Board of Anesthesiology. Additionally, the hospital has collected various awards, such as USA TopDocs and NJ TopDocs. The physician establishes the cause of the problem before proceeding to give the patient regenerative treatments. Also, Dr. Bleiweiss is a researcher in regenerative medicine, and thus only gives the patients the best cure for their problem.

Furthermore, the services offered at the facility include total spine health treatment and ozone injection treatment. The total spine health ensures that even in your old age, you can perform all activities without pain. 

The facility treats herniated discs and degenerative disc disease through various treatments. The spine therapy is available for young people to ensure minimal degeneration of the discs. Using the ozone injections ensure better blood flow and reduce inflammation in the discs, and therefore cells can regenerate. On the other hand, the stem cell injections introduce a replicate of cells to the worn-out parts.

More so, the ozone injections treat other conditions such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, tendon injuries, and sports injuries. The injection is a combination of oxygen and ozone, thereby promoting healing and eliminating pain. Also, the facility offers anti-aging treatment. The doctor recognizes that aging first occurs in the cells, and therefore if you provide a suitable environment for the cells, then you can counter aging. The upstream anti-aging treatments offer a permanent solution to memory loss, sleep difficulty, joint deterioration, bone loss, and aches, among other problems associated with old age. Therefore patients who receive this treatment appreciate life more.

In conclusion, Dr. Bleiweiss has established treatments that go a long way in ensuring people enjoy their old age as much as their youth. The facility employs ozone treatment that improves the environment of the basic unit of the body, thereby countering age-related problems. Additionally, the patients get the treatment that is less painful and less invasive. The facility offers treatment such as stem cell treatment, which replaces worn-out cells. The ozone injections increase the circulation of oxygen and reduce inflammation of the cells. Additionally, the upstream anti-aging treatment ensures the cells remain healthy and active, thereby guaranteeing youthfulness. Therefore, patients who have joint pains and herniated discs should visit the facility located in Caldwell, New Jersey.

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