Is a cement board a good alternative to siding or cladding?

Choosing to have your siding or cladding replaced is generally a good idea. The latest products will provide better insulation; reducing your energy bills. It will also dramatically improve the look of your home.

Of course, one of the first things you’ll need to consider is the cost involved. This is often the deciding factor regarding which type of cladding to choose.

What Is Cement Board?

As the name suggests this type of siding is actually made from cement mixed with fibrous materials. Before 1990 the fibrous material was often asbestos. However, thanks to safety concerns this was replaced with cellulose. If you have modern cement board it is illegal for it to contain and asbestos.

Cement board can be a good choice for your home; it is generally cheaper than other types of cladding; although not always. It is worth speaking to local vinyl cladding suppliers to confirm prices first.

It is impact resistant, fireproof, doesn’t rot and is not inviting to termites; this can make it a very attractive option.

There are points to consider when choosing cement board:

  • Styles

You can achieve almost any style of finish by using cement board. Shingle, lap and clapboard are perhaps the most common but anything is possible. This will help you to get the exact look you want for your home. In fact it can be easily mistaken for wood. But it will only ever look like painted wood.

However, cement board is not your only option to achieve different styles of finish; vinyl cladding can offer the same range of finishes.

  • Durability

The only cladding really capable of competing with cement board for durability and low maintenance is vinyl cladding. Both products simply need to be washed down every year. Neither should warp in the heat and both can withstand extreme weather. They are also both unattractive to termites and other insects.

  • Fire Proof

Cement board is very resistant to heat; it will not catch fire although extreme heat can make it crumble. The same is true of vinyl cladding; it won’t catch fire but it could melt in extreme heat.

Most other types of cladding offer less protection against fire.

  • Cost

Cement board is not the cheapest option when cladding your home. It can cost between $5 and $7 per square meter. In contrast vinyl cladding can be put in place for just $3 to $4 per square meter. That’s a significant difference.

Should You Use Cement Board

There are some clear benefits to cement board as cladding compared to many other types of cladding. However, unless you are in a designated hurricane zone you will probably be able to achieve the same results by using vinyl cladding instead. The fact that it will cost significantly less, but last just as long has to be the deciding factor.

Yes, cement board is a good alternative to some cladding options; but it still isn’t the best option.

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