Is Your Garden Ready For Spring?

In the UK we have certainly felt the weathers wintry presence over the past few months, but as mornings and nights are starting to get lighter spring doesn’t seem like a million miles away anymore. With thoughts of baby lambs being born and having BBQs in the garden, are you prepared for the next season?

If you have a back garden you will want to use it as much as possible during spring and summer to make the most of the space. Wold you feel happy showing off your garden space to friends and family right now? As we have been experiencing really wet weather over 2012 the grass in your garden may be looking a state, making your answer to the previous question a no. If you have the time to spare in your garden and change it, it will save you a lot of time in the future and really change the space. Garden decking is a fantastic option to lie down with easy upkeep.

spring garden

If you are unsure of how long the pieces of decking should be and how much to cover etc. you can head down to a local timber merchant or seek advice online. Measure the area of your garden and maybe even take a picture so they can really help to picture the space. Once you have the right materials you can take it on as a DIY job or hire in professionals to fit the decking, this could depend on the complexity of the job. If you want something raised off the ground you might want to hire in help.

If you enjoy seeing green grass in your garden, only deck half or a third of the garden. If you really want an easy life as you aren’t much of a gardener, you could put down artificial grass too. It is guaranteed to stay green all year round and you won’t even have use for your lawn mower anymore! If you still wanted to add a flash of colour to the garden you could keep some edges filled with soil so you are still able to plant flowers. Alternatively if this is not an option, keep large plant pots dotted around the garden and fill these up. These will be much easier to change from season to season. You can also move the pots under shelter if we start to experience really heavy rain which you think may damage delicate flowers.

However you plan on making changes to your garden, set aside a budget for it now and put a plan in place so you are ready. Spring time officially begins in March so it won’t be long until it arrives, hopefully bringing a touch of sunshine along the way so you can enjoy your new garden!

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