Kitchen Cleanout – 5 Outdated Items It’s Time to Dump From Your Kitchen (And What To Replace Them With)

The kitchen is one of those rooms that seems to catch everything. From the pile of unpaid bills and coupon circulars to your child’s baseball equipment and school backpack, it’s very difficult to keep this room in anything that resembles an organized space.

Despite all the things that happen in the kitchen, it is possible to make some sense of the chaos simply by getting rid of some of the outdated items that you never use. Here are five suggestions on what to toss out and what to replace in your kitchen:

1. Old, Beat Up Pots and Pans

If you’re like most people, your kitchen cupboards hide a plethora of mismatched and beat up pots and pans. Some are dented and most lost their non-stick coating a long time ago.

Toss those nasty pots and replace them with some shiny, new induction cookware you can be proud to use when company comes for dinner.

2. Duplicate Cooking Tools

Two or three spatulas come in handy but trust us when we say no one needs more than one can opener. Take a close look at the can openers and choose the best one to keep. Donate the rest or better yet, donate them all and replace that old manual model with an electric one.

3. Gadgets You Just Had to Have but Never Use

It seems like a new gadget for the kitchen hits the market every day, making people feel like they simply cannot live without it. From the George Foreman grill to that rotisserie thing that takes up space on your countertop, there are likely a few of these gadgets you wouldn’t miss if you got rid of them.

Dumping these kitchen items will definitely free up space in your cabinets and atop your counters, but if you feel the need to replace them, be sure to choose something that multitasks like an Instant Pot.

4. Cookbooks You Never Turn to For Inspiration

If you have a drawer or cabinet full of old cookbooks that you’ve hardly ever cracked open, much less turned to for inspiration, it’s time to clear them out.

If you find it difficult to just get rid of them, take some time to go through them and take pictures of the recipes that you think you might like to try. Make a special album that’s specifically for these recipes so they’re easy to find on your device and then donate the books themselves. You can also find similar recipes online and save them to a dedicated Pinterest recipe board.

5. Stained and Ripped Dishtowels

Every kitchen contains a few old, stained dishtowels that are too embarrassing to use when company comes over. While these towels have seen better days and you know it’s time to throw them out, it can still be difficult to part ways. To make it easier, just think of all the drawer space you’ll open up. Plus, you’ll make room for pretty, new towels all your friends will admire.

Keeping a kitchen organized can be challenging, but when you take a step back and realize there are a lot of outdated things you could do away with or replace, it becomes a lot easier. Take the suggestions above and begin dumping all those outdated items to bring your kitchen into a more modern type of chaos.

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