Letting In Water? 5 Signs You Need A New Roof

Homeowners spend thousands of dollars, on average each year on home repairs. That’s a lot of money to budget for, but it’s a necessity if you want to take care of your house. Sometimes you might put off home repairs to try and save money, but some issues shouldn’t be ignored. Your roof is something that should always be taken care of. Do you need a new roof? How can you tell if your roof needs to be replaced? We’re here to answer those questions! Read on to learn about common signs your roof needs to be replaced, so you can make the repair before any damage is done to your home.

1. Damaged Shingles

Shingles undergo a ton of wear and tear because they deal with rain, wind, hail, and other weather conditions that cause damage. This wear and tear can lead to cracked shingles. Cracked shingles aren’t a good look for any home and they can also lead to leaks and other roof issues.

Another issue with shingles is when they start to curl. This happens when moisture builds up in your attic and causes mold to form. This will ruin the nails and lead to the shingles to curl upwards. Mold can also cause the plywood to rot, which will require a complete roof replacement.

2. Algae Growth

Have you noticed black streaks on your roof? This is algae growth. Algae growth occurs when bacteria eat away at your shingles because of the moisture buildup.

If algae is developing on your roof, you’ll need a roof replacement before there is any structural damage to your home. You should also check the attic to make sure air is circulating properly to prevent moisture buildup.

3. Your Roof Is Sagging

Is there a slight sag in your roof? If so, you need to replace your roof immediately. A sagging roof can collapse and be a serious danger to your home and anyone living inside your home.

This is not an issue that can be ignored or put off any longer. Look to American home contractors right away to replace your roof.

4. Missing Shingles

If your shingles are cracked or curled, they can start to fall off or get blown away in high winds.

If your roof is missing shingles, your roof could start to leak. You can replace those shingles or replace your roof with upgraded and brand new shingles.

5. Leaking Roof

The most obvious sign that you need to replace your roof is if it’s leaking. A leaking roof can cause water damage to your home which will cost you a lot more money than a roof replacement.

Don’t simply try to cover the leaks in your roof. If your roof is leaking, it means your roof is old and needs an upgrade. If you simply cover a leak, other leaks will develop soon enough. Get ahead of the problem and replace your roof when you first notice a leak.

Do You Need a New Roof?

Based on these common roof problems, you can tell if you need a new roof or not. While repairing or replacing a roof can be expensive, it’s well worth the money because you’ll be protecting your home from further damage. Looking for more home improvement tips? Check out our blog today for more helpful information!

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