Living Walls – Nature Meets Architecture

Living green walls or vertical gardens present a rising trend in recent years. It’s not that surprising that these have become one of the staple pieces in both interior and exterior design. They look beautiful, and according to some research, improve the mood, boost the energy, encourage productivity and clean the air. If you’re still unsure if living walls are good option for you, keep on reading and check out the benefits of vertical gardens in more detail.


Improved air quality

It’s been known that plants are considered to be natural air purifiers but some studies have shown that plants used on a bigger scale can impact and improve air quality a lot more. This is one of the main reasons for incorporating living green walls along busy roads as well as using them as building covers and separators. With a rising amount of toxins in the air, especially in urban areas, green walls are a perfect budget and eco-friendly solution for this problem.

Effective noise reduction

Another great benefit of introducing living walls into architectural designs is vegetation’s natural ability to reduce noise. Again, this is very significant for urban areas that are highly populated. With a lot of concrete everywhere, the noise only spreads around but plants successfully minimize the noise and reduce its spreading. When it comes to noise reduction, both interior and exterior green walls do a great job with dispersing sound waves properly.

Great stress-relief technique

Plants and greenery are said to be able to calm and soothe people’s minds. That is why a lot of companies started to install vertical gardens into their offices. There are various health and mental benefits of working in such an environment, and the employers have reported that the employees actually showed improved work performance and that they are generally happier during the working hours.

Living walls are adjustable

Depending on your personal preferences as well as the climate you live in, green walls can be successfully adjusted and put together in order to last for the longest time. The climate is a big factor in choosing the right plants when it comes to exterior green walls, but interior green walls are generally a lot easier to maintain, and thanks to pleasant temperature, you have a lot more freedom in choosing the plants. There are also special low-maintenance plants that are perfect for installing the first vertical garden in your own home.

Green walls are beautiful

As mentioned before, living green walls have environmental, health and mental benefits. But, apart from all that, they are also a beautiful addition to any room and architectural structure. Plants are considered to be some of the most effective accessories. Providing a unique look and design when placed in a vertical garden, they can enrich any space by simply being stunning to look at.

Going green

The rising trend of vertical gardens has also provided many households and small businesses with a chance to go green when it comes to food production. These are perfect to grow herbs and some fruits and veggies in your own home. Not only do they provide an excellent solution for growing your own organic food but they are at the same time space-efficient and create an interesting look wherever they’re placed. Moreover, by repurposing some of the old items such as ladders, shoe holders, dressers, window panels, shelves, etc, you can easily make your own improvised and creative vertical garden.

It seems that the trend of living walls took the world by storm and it’s only getting bigger. Combining nature and architecture has always been popular, but now, the whole idea explores different levels on much greater scales, which is a great step towards a safer and more pleasant environment.

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