Luxury Interior Design Ideas You Will Love

The modern world is frantic. Between work, social engagements, children, and to do lists, those moments in your own space are precious. Nothing recharges the batteries like a luxurious environment, and nowhere should be more luxurious than your home. Check out some of these luxury interior design ideas from Robert homes, an estate agent with houses for sale in Wimbledon to really make your home worth coming back to.


luxyry interior designs


Water Walls

One of the big trends for 2014 is merging interiors with nature. Water walls add elegance to any dinner party, and the sound of water trickling will help you relax at the end of the day. To truly make the most of your water wall, add subtle coloured lighting to convey a relaxed mood.


Lush Sofas

Tactile textures bring beauty to any living area. Suede and velvet please the fingers as well as the eye, and it’s heaven to sink into a sumptuous sofa. Embrace colour too, with deep purples, blues, and greens the perfect choice for on-trend comfort.


Classic Warm Tones

If you tend toward the traditional, introduce warmth to your living room with caramel, spice, and chocolate colours. Add a French touch by offsetting neutral creams with accented wallpaper, or complete any look with a stone fireplace. Dimmable lighting combined with antique lamps will allow you to set the mood you want.


Accent Colours

Accent colours catch the eye and add subtle highlights to your luxurious spaces. Soften the lines of an industrial kitchen with curved, lime green chairs, and enliven traditional neutrals with ox blood cushions and throws. Navy blue is this year’s neutral, and can be lightened with a touch of tan. Whatever your tastes, the right accent will highlight them.


Traditional Bedrooms

While fads come and go, traditional bedrooms will always remain fashionable. The allure of an antique bed is impossible to ignore, while flowing curtains, a fur rug, and soft lamps will soothe you to sleep. There are plenty of ways to de-clutter but you’re looking to avoid the temptation to clutter your bedroom. Not only will it detract from your luxurious setting, it will interrupt your sleep.


Marble Bathrooms

Is there anything that says luxury interior design like marble? Infinitely adaptable, marble compliments wood and stone, and can be lit to show off its inherent subtleties. Marble is beautiful to touch and can be inlaid with patterning. If you are investing in marble, consider under floor heating, as it can be cold.


An Outdoor Oasis

Forget charred offerings. A full outdoor kitchen, complete with stone fireplace and comfortable furniture, will enhance your outdoor living experience. Make sure outdoor lighting is placed in harmony with indoor lighting, and don’t forget the spa pool for when the evenings are cool, plus a shaded hammock for lazy afternoons. If space is a premium, use water features, grasses, and small shrubberies to highlight the natural look. Complete the experience with hidden outdoor speakers.


From timeless to trend-setting, luxury can be achieved in numerous ways. After all, why simply have a home when you can create your own personal sanctuary.

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