Maintaining Your Home’s Appearance: The Answers to the Top 6 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Roof Cleaning

Replacing a roof is an expensive task, so knowing how to prolong the life of your roof can help you save money. Roof maintenance may not be something that you consider important, but it can actually help your roof last. If you notice algae, moss, or stains on your roof, hiring a roof cleaner can remove the stains and keep the algae and moss from destroying the shingles.

Before you choose a roof washing company to take care of the important top to your home, what questions should you ask?

1. Are you insured?

If someone is going to climb on your roof, you want to be sure they are insured. Accidents happen, so it is important that you see proof of insurance before work begins. You need to protect yourself if something happens to the contractor or to your property. A quality contractor will insure their employees with liability and worker’s compensation coverage.

2. Are you licensed?

Everyone who works on your home should have a license to do the work. This protects you from issues if your property is damaged during the process. It also lets you know that the people who are working on your home are fully trained and certified.

3. Do you use high pressure to wash the roof?

High-pressure wash systems are not safe for roofs. These quick-clean systems might seem like the best choice to remove moss and algae, but high-pressure washers can actually void warranties and reduce the life of your roof. It can lift shingles off of your roof and break down the adhesive that keeps them sticking together. It can also remove any protective coatings on them.

4. What chemicals do you use? Are they safe?

Removing algae, moss, and stains often require the use of chemicals. But, these chemicals are going on your roof and will later fall down the side of your home and into your lawn. If you have pets or children who will play in the yard, you will want to be sure that the chemicals are safe. You will also want to be sure the chemicals will not damage your lawn or plants that are near your home. Some chemicals could also damage brickwork or concrete work, too! Be sure that your roof cleaner uses safe chemicals.

5. How long will my roof stay clean?

It can be difficult to guarantee a set amount of time, but your roof washer should be able to give you a range. Then, your roof should stay clean for that time period. You should receive something in writing about the length of time your roof should stay clean and how you can maintain your roof during that time.

6. Do you give free estimates?

Before you commit to a roof washing company, you should ask for a free estimate. The company should send a qualified representative who can give you a written estimate for the entire task. They should be able to explain the entire process to you, from start to finish including how they will clean up after the process is completed.

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