Make a Statement with These Garage Door Ideas

Imagine driving through a neighborhood full of beautiful homes. Each one is unique in its own way, except for one feature. The garage door.

The garage is an essential part of any nice home, yet people rarely put any thought into how it looks. That’s going to change with you.

Read on for some amazing garage door ideas that will have your house standing out amongst the rest.

Carriage House Doors

What did people have before cars? Before garages were attached to every home, wealthy homeowners had carriage houses.

If you’re looking to add a historical accent to your home, carriage house doors are a great option. The wood materials are affordable, making this project easily doable.

Glass Garage Doors

Glass garage doors are becoming more popular amongst midcentury modern homes. After all, if you’re proud of what’s inside the garage, why not show it off?

A metal frame for the garage door supports the glass windows. Many people opt for the frosted glass look, which allows for a glass exterior but still leaves the inside of the garage up to the imagination.

Glass doors are a little bit on the pricier side, but at sites like you can still find great deals to customize your garage on a budget.

We think they look good in any form, but prefer the clear glass, as long as you don’t mind people being able to see what’s inside. If you want the clear glass while maintaining privacy, you can always attach a curtain to the inside of the garage door.

Reclaimed Wood Paneling

What better way to integrate your home with the earth that it stands on than with reclaimed wood paneling?

Reclaimed wood not only looks great and unique, but can be extremely affordable. If your property had an old building on it prior to building your house and you still have some of the lumber, consider using it to build yourself a beautiful new garage door.

Garage Door Ideas From Abroad

Just because your house is located in the United States of America doesn’t mean that your garage doors have to be! Well I mean technically the garage is still physically in America, but these ideas will have you feeling like you’re across the ocean.

French country style doors are great for larger garages, similar in style to the carriage house doors but with a little more curve, and neutral beige colors.

If you have a mission-style home, try using Spanish garage doors for an authentic accent to the house. These doors usually open out rather than up, and feature iron handles and hinges.

Beyond The Garage: Other Ideas For Your Home

Now that you have some great garage door ideas, you can focus on what’s inside your new and improved home!

At Alternative Mindset we have great ideas for all parts of your home. From interior design to roof ideas, we have you covered inside and out. We even have travel tips for when you want to escape that beautiful home of yours! Keep reading, and enjoy your home!

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