Moving to London – The Lifestyle and Opportunities

London is one of the most popular cities in the world for businessmen and women to aspire to move to, not just for its business opportunities. The quintessentially British lifestyle is something that interests people the world over – stiff upper lip, afternoon tea and bowler hats just some of the aspects of London life that come to mind.

Of course, the reality of living in London is much different…okay, the Brits do love their tea, but you will do well to find a gentleman sporting a bowler hat in modern Britain. London property is highly sought after due primarily due to its location, which means that it comes at a premium.

If you do have the opportunity to step onto the London property ladder, or even just to sample the city, these are just some of the things that you can expect:

Something is Always Happening

You may have heard that New York is the city that never sleeps, well if that is the case then London is also awake right alongside it. There is always something going on in London, whether it is one of the many annual major events that take place in the city – such as sporting events such as Wimbledon or one of the numerous football matches, concerts or trade fairs.

This means that, no matter the time of day or year that you will be travelling through London, you can expect a high amount of traffic. The roads, particularly in Central London, are constantly manic and public transport such as the Underground can be unforgiving when it comes to personal space.

It does mean, though, that you can always find something to do. You need not worry about sitting at home and wishing that there was something going on – in London, you always have plenty of options.

Business Opportunities

Moving to London

For business people such as entrepreneurs, CEOs and others, London is a vibrant hub of opportunity. With a whos-who of market leaders operating on the streets of London, especially when you enter Canary Wharf, there is plenty of scopes to grow your own career. Whether that means setting up your own business, looking to venture out into new surroundings or possibly even set up a new valuable partnership, you are in the right place.

As recently as December 2017, London was crowned as Europe’s champion as far as businesses were concerned, with the likes of Paris and Frankfurt not even coming close to the city. Even with uncertainty in the air due to political developments, London looks set to continue as a global superpower.


In Britain, it is commonplace to refer to any city in regards to how long it takes to train from London. That is because the city is the centre of the national rail line, meaning that you can travel directly to most regions in the United Kingdom.

It isn’t just domestic travel, of course, that is on offer in London. From St Pancras, the Eurostar is ready and waiting to whisk you off to European cities such as Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam amongst others. This means that you can save yourself the hassle of waiting around at the airport for a weekend away.

If flying is your favoured mode of transport, however, you are in luck with London served by no less than six airports, which are:

  • Heathrow
  • Gatwick
  • London City
  • Stansted
  • Luton
  • Southend

Not all of the listed airports are actually in the city itself, but you can make use of direct public transport links, making your journey that much easier.

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