Non-invasive Methods of Restoring the Body’s Natural Balance

Most patients are accepting the use of chiropractic services to restore the body’s balance without the need for drugs. Chiropractic treatment focuses on non-invasive means of restoring the body’s balance by allowing the nerves to function normally and alleviating musculoskeletal pain. Most people would prefer to have drug-free treatment for conditions that persist even with conventional medicine. Non-invasive methods of treatment focus on the proper functioning of the tissues and help one restore functions, which leads to improved quality of life. Lifewell M.D. practitioners focus on helping you achieve mobility, flexibility, and restore damaged cells using non-invasive treatments and traditional medicine.

Spine Alignment

Spine alignment helps you restore the natural body’s nervous system, making the spinal cord function properly without irritation. The traditional techniques of spinal alignment involve the use of chiropractic adjustments, which include gentle and painless direct force on the joint which have restricted movement. Continual pressing and massaging of the restricted joints help loosen stiffness, which leads to the gradual regaining of normal motion and improved nervous functions.


Acupuncture is a way of restoring harmonious body balance by using traditional Chinese medicine, which holds the conviction that the body is composed of the “yin” and “yang” which should be balanced.  If an imbalance occurs, you could experience pain and other musculoskeletal issues. To deal with issues related to the imbalances of these two forces, an acupuncturist would insert needles in your body to balance the energies that help boost your wellbeing and cure diseases.

Scientific research on acupuncture could be inconclusive, but there is a belief that the acupuncture points along the body are strategically located at nerve endings, muscles, and connective tissues. The needles would then stimulate the tissues, which results in increased blood flow and triggers the body’s natural pain-relieving hormones.

Uses of Acupuncture

Acupuncture needles are placed at nerves endings and muscles, which stimulates the blood flow and production of natural painkillers that could deal with different conditions such as:

  •       Low back pain, spinal cord pain, and neck pain
  •       Osteoarthritis
  •       Knee pain
  •       Headaches and migraine

Some of the disorders that could benefit from acupuncture could require further investigations. The World Health Organization (WHO) has approved the use of acupuncture for some complicated conditions, which include:

  •       High and low blood pressure
  •       Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting
  •       Painful periods
  •       Allergic rhinitis
  •       Inducing labor
  •       Reducing the risk of stroke
  •       Facial pain
  •       Morning sickness

Benefits of Acupuncture

  •       There are very few side effects
  •       Can be combined with conventional treatments
  •       Can help patients who have conditions that do not allow conventional pain medications
  •       If acupuncture is performed correctly, it is safe
  •       It can help control chronic pain that does not go away after treatment with conventional medicine

The Bottom Line

Non-invasive medicine such as acupuncture and chiropractic treatment can be useful for patients that do not want to take medications for their conditions. If practiced well, these practices are useful and safe for the patient. These methods of pain treatment could result in easy and quick pain relief as it involves the stimulation of the nerves, muscles, and tissues that leads to blood flow and production of the body’s natural pain killers.

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