Oral Surgery: When to Have the Procedure

Supposing you have experienced a dental injury. Imagine losing your pretty smile. It is said a smile forms part of the first impression of how people perceive us. If you are a  resident of Virginia and its environs, this is when you will need the services of an oral surgeon in Alexandria to help you.

Oral surgery has numerous benefits as outlined below:

Replaces Your Tooth for Long Term Use

With a missing tooth, getting an implant will give you long-term service. Unlike another tooth replacement method such as a denture that restores only the crown of your missing tooth. Getting a dental implant guarantees you the replacement of the entire tooth, even the root, giving a more durable tooth.

Avoids Permanent Damage

If your mandibular and maxillary have a problem, they get worse unless you treat them. Oral surgery addresses dental problems that are progressive. For instance, if you have jaw bone deterioration. The lost tissue can be replaced through grafting preventing it from worsening to cause significant loss.

Restores Your Lost Smile

One thing about you that is among the first to notice is your smile. If you have a problem such as a missing tooth might be anxious and smiling. Oral surgery can help you through to bring back your smile.

Addresses The Underlying Problem and Not the Symptom

Oral surgery seeks to address underlying issues that are adversely affecting your oral health. And like dealing with the symptoms most problems might reoccur. Dealing with the symptoms can include taking pain relievers for jaw problems after which the pain will still persist after some time. Your doctor will opt to perform jaw surgery in order to realign your teeth.

Prevents Loss of Tooth

Your doctor can choose to perform a dental implant on you which restores your teeth. Through dental implants done in time, the neighboring teeth will be protected. Therefore, you can be sure you will have your teeth for a long time.

Boosts Your Self Esteem

When your doctor performs oral surgery it accentuates your physical appearance. With an improved appearance, you are comfortable being around others without worrying about their perception towards you. Additionally, you have a positive self-image which increases your confidence.

Understanding the benefits of oral surgery will help you in making a decision about your dental health. Not only is it beneficial for you in the long run but it also gives you value for your money. time and resources which you would have otherwise spent in short-term dental procedures will be a thing of the past. Consult your doctor before establishing the treatment plan you need.

Whether it is a problematic jaw bone, missing tooth, or a dental implant oral surgery will transform your dental health in a significant way. Your doctor can perform oral surgery on your face, neck, or even your jaw.

Some oral surgery procedures may require clinic reviews. Make sure you follow your doctor’s advice and take your medication appropriately.

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