Popular types of the door handle

Your home is your own heaven, and it’s your whole world. It is being quoted by many wise people that it is the love from your own home and family that makes you come back every night after finishing and winding up your all daily routine task and work. After spending a long busy and Hattic day it is your home which is the one and only place where you can relax, where you can take a deep breath and can calm yourself and just enjoy by pampering yourself by doing your favorite thing, it could be talking with family, watching TV, or by doing meditation. The comfort that you will find in your home is just priceless that can never be found in another place.

Who doesn’t like his/her heaven (home) to be in a perfect form, well decorated, well maintained? In short, Who is not found for decorating his/her home? The answer to this question will be Everyone.

Yes, in today’s modern world where everyone is just striving to maintain a better life with a better lifestyle. It is quite important to decorate and to maintain your home in a beautiful form. Because it is your home that gives the first and prompt reflection of your personality, so, no one can deny from this fact that it is have become a must to decorate your home. No matters how big/small it is. It’s just had to be in a well-presented form. As we are talking about decoration, it is not just important for homes only but also the other places like offices, banks, and even hospitals are also aware from the importance of decoration, and they are now decorated very nicely in an appropriate manner. As in decoration and renovation process in which many things are important, one of the most important thing that is being used while decorating a home or any other place is door handles that can enhance the beauty and look of your whole home, office or of any other place.

The market is loaded and fully packed with different and variant range. Stylish, simple, fancy, trendy all kind of door handles is placed in the market which can easily attract and grab the attention of yours. So, come and just look at which types of door handles are being used nowadays.

Simple or keyed lever handles

Old is gold, and sometimes this saying proves itself really true. It is one of the most common, and it is from one of the eldest types of door handles that had been used in many places like home, banks, hospitals or anywhere.

Style and legacy that is being mixed together in this type f door handle. Means that nowadays, the new stylish and trendy designs in this type of lever handles are coming. The keyed and simple both ranges are available in the market so that you can easily choose according to the requirement of the area, and can add lavish and trendy style by adding this kind of door handles.

The simple and keyed doorknobs

You might not be wrong if you say that this is the second most common type of door handles that are being used at different places. It looks very traditional too, very easy to use, gives a very good look, they came up with keyed and locked option too, so also gives you a secure with style statement.

This kind of doorknobs is an idol to use for a home where infants are available because it provides the feature not to lock room unless the knob has been pressed. Which means that if ever the door is being closed by an infant by mistakenly, then you are safe because it will not be locked unless the knob is pushed. So, you can easily open the door from outside.

The royal handle sets

Want to give a royal look, want yourself to be called classy by everyone and if you want to decorate your hose or anywhere in such an amazing way that it can grasp the attention of all. Then you may go for this kind of door handles.

It comes up mostly in royal colours like Gold, Silver, metallic etc. Also, they are designed in a very beautiful manner like really a royal design has always been given to them and an added crystal that is placed in it to give a rich look is just like anything. This sort of handles is just idol for the dining and drawing room, guest room and in any area where you want to put a catchy eye thing.

Coded/ electronic door locks

When the world is becoming digitalized, so why the door not should be? It is the door that is mostly being used by banks or other financial institutions where lockers or other heavy cash or assets are available. Also, they are being used where high security is needed.

The main purpose of this electronic coded machine which is Installed in the area of the lever is to provide full proof security to the area. Doors with this kind of door handle can be opened only when you entered the correct code. The code is provided only to the limited authority while during the procedure installation procedure, and only they have access for these doors.


Time changes, style changes. Everything just updates with the time, and it becomes better, beautiful, beneficial and advances. Like everything same goes in the case of door handles as well, where we can see a lot of new changes, nowadays door handles are coming in different designs, shapes, metals which are unique with good quality. So, I think that we have to update yourselves by using new and trendy things so if you are planning to change your door handles so you can select from the above-listed options and can bring a bloom in the look of your house or at any place.

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