Be Proactive When Protecting Your Yard From Pests and Rodents

Nothing is worse than having to deal with pests and rodents in your yard other than perhaps dealing with them inside of your home. However, if you are looking to keep these pests and rodents away from your yard or home, you will want to follow some of the tips below.

  1. Get Rid of Standing Water

Perhaps the most effective thing that you can do to keep these pests and rodents away from your yard would be to get rid of standing water. If you notice that you have standing water anywhere near your yard or home, you are likely going to be dealing with these problems because this kind of standing water can prove to be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Because pests require water to survive, it can bring all kinds of pests to your yard. While standing water might be difficult to miss at times, you should be able to spot instances of it by completing a thorough inspection on a regular basis. You should be on the lookout for various things such as leaks near your air conditioning unit, rain spouts, and such.

  1. Maintain Your Yard

Another important thing that you are going to want to do in order to prevent having these sorts of issues would be to properly maintain your yard. Having an unmaintained yard is one clear way to invite all kinds of critters and pests. By keeping your landscaping by West Chester, Ohio Lawn Care, maintained and avoiding overgrowth of grass, you should be able to minimize the amount of space for these pests and rodents to build their nests. You should also work to trim and maintain the bushes and trees surrounding your yard as well as these can be additional places where they can build nests to live.

  1. Don’t Stack Firewood

If you are going to be using firewood to warm your home during the cold months, you will want to be sure to store it properly. You could bring termites to your yard or home if you store it improperly. A lot of people make the mistake of staking it alongside their home. Instead, you should be stacking it and keeping it as far away from your home as possible. At a minimum, it should be stored 10 feet away from your home. Ideally, you want to store it as far as possible because it could cause a major problem with your home. At the same time, you want to be sure to store it off the ground. Consider investing in racks that you can stack with firewood to keep it off the ground entirely.

  1. Don’t Throw Meat Away Until The Last Minute

Another thing that you are going to want to avoid doing to keep rodents and pests away is to avoid throwing meat out too soon. Instead, you should plan to throw away your expired or unwanted meat right before the trash will be picked up. That way, you will be able to avoid providing food for unwanted pests and rodents. Having a combination of rotten meat and hot weather can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to keeping unwanted pests from your yard.

  1. Inspect Outdoor Furniture Regularly

When it comes to having outdoor furniture, you are going to want to be sure to inspect it regularly. You want to regularly check the furniture and its surroundings for potential nests, eggs, and spider webs.

  1. Don’t Keep Toys Outside Too Long

If you have kids, you are going to want to avoid keeping the toys outside while they are not being used. Doing so is only going to provide a place of shelter for unwanted pests or rodents. This is especially true if you are talking about a blow-up pool or a playhouse. You want to be sure to store these things somewhere that will not provide shelter for pests. If you are planning on bringing them inside of your home while they are not in use, you should thoroughly wipe them down prior to bringing them inside of your home.

  1. Lights

Instead of installing standard mercury vapor lights that can attract flies and insects, you will want to replace them with halogen lights that are actually going to repel them. Flying insects generally do not like lights with an orange, yellow, or pink tint to them. Therefore, this can be a good way to keep them from your yard.

  1. Make Your Garden Less Attractive To Wildlife

Another thing that you can do to eliminate pests and rodents from being a problem around your yard would be to make your garden a lot less attractive to wildlife. You can do this by covering your compost pile (if you have one) and even by cleaning up birdseed if you have a bird feeder as it can attract squirrels.

  1. Repellents

Another thing that you can invest in to keep these pests away would be repellents. You can find all kinds of scent repellents that can help to keep unwanted pests away. These scent repellents include anything from castor oil to garlic clips. Other repellents that you can use are auditory devices that can be used to scare or repel unwanted pests. These things can either be noisemakers to detract or even visual scare devices.

Overall, there are plenty of different things that you are going to want to do in order to minimize the chances that pests or rodents invade your yard or home. By incorporating some of the tips above into your routine, you should be able to minimize the chances that you have to deal with a major pest or rodent problem. You want to be proactive when it comes to getting rid of pests and unwanted rodents because if you wait too long, they can take over and it can become much harder to get rid of them.

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