Protecting Your Marri Dining Table

When investing in a dining table with beautiful wood, it’s important to note that as with every piece of furniture, while it is durable, it also needs to be taken care of so that its elegance and charm will last for years to come. By just being mindful of a few things as you use your new Marri dining table, you can prolong it looking at its best!

How to: Protect From Scratches

If your prior experiences of dining tables have been secondhand, it may not have been as important to you and your family to protect the surfaces from scratches. But this changes with the purchase of a new and beautiful wooden table, as it is now up to you to preserve this surface as best you can. This starts with something as simple as remembering to always use placemats when dining. This ensures that the bottoms of your plates won’t scratch against the surface, while also limiting the chances of food stains occurring because of a lack of a protective barrier. Aside from this, be mindful of the jewellery that is being worn when dining – large metallic bangles, big watches, studded rings and bracelets, these can hit against the surface of your Marri dining table and leave long scratches and gashes if you are not careful.

How To: Protect From Heat Marks

High heat temperatures can cause damage to your wooden table’s surface if you are not careful. The finish can peel off, leaving unsightly cracks on the surface that will need additional care and products to restore to what it once was before – and even then, you cannot be sure that you’ll be able to regain the same seamless finish that was there when you first purchased your table. To this end, it’s best to invest in heat protectants such as cork placemats or cork trivets so that when you place boiling hot pans and pots on your wooden table, you have a good buffer to prevent against direct heat contact.

How To: Prevent White Spots

Watermarks are stubborn stains that are easily preventable! Just keep in mind that wood shouldn’t be exposed to too much moisture as it can affect the finish. This means that cold glasses of drinks, small spills from soup bowls that settle in the bottom outside surface of the bowl, or even chilled wine bottles can trap moisture between the table and their bottoms. You can easily prevent this by ensuring that you use drink coasters and place mats. These are simple barriers that can prevent moisture contact with your wooden table.

Marri dining tables are beautiful pieces of furniture that are quite easy to take care of, too. Just remember to be mindful of scratches, heat marks, and watermarks that can come from careless use. With just a few simple additions such as placemats, trivets, and drink coasters, you can help prolong the elegant character your striking Marri dining table holds.

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