Quality Aesthetic Treatments in South Carolina

Are you looking for some way to wipe off a decade of your appearance? Dr. James Jewell, MD, offers laser treatments of Jewell Family & Elder Medicine PA helps provide aesthetic treatments to rejuvenate your skin. He ensures that most of his procedures are minimally invasive to avoid downtime after surgery. Being comfortable with one’s body is a significant contributor to self-confidence. If you wish to find out if you qualify for Rock Hill wrinkle reduction, schedule for a consultation using the online booking tool or call their office.

What Causes Wrinkles?

One of the significant causes of wrinkles is aging. Due to aging, your body produces less collagen, which is responsible for building healthy skin. Since there is less collagen production, your skin begins to sag- which results in wrinkles. Wrinkles are more noticeable on your face and gradually increase due to sun exposure, lack of proper hydration, or overusing cosmetics.

What Makes One Consider Seeking Wrinkle-treatment?

Every person will develop wrinkles later in life, but not all mind them. However, some people may feel uncomfortable, unhappy, or it may be a cause of low self-esteem. If you are part of the latter group- the practitioner’s at Jewell Family & Elder Medicine PA is ready to help. Dr. James and his team will evaluate your skin’s health to determine if you qualify for an aesthetic treatment, such as skin tightening. The providers incorporate the best of medical technology and techniques to enhance the efficiency of their practice.

How Does Laser Treatment Work To Treat Wrinkles?

Dr. James Jewell uses advanced laser therapy techniques, available from Cynosure, to detect premature aging and give you a youthful, more vibrant appearance. The providers use either Icon laser or TempSure technologies. These technologies use laser energy, heating the tissues under your skin to trigger natural healing.

The body tissues react to heat by triggering the production of collagen. This collagen produced works to replace lost skin volumes, thus repair sagging skin that is causing wrinkles. This new collagen gradually smoothens the wrinkles out, thus giving you a youthful, natural look. The doctors advise that you maintain a healthy lifestyle, proper skincare routine, and exercising to maintain these natural looks.

Is Laser Treatment Painful?

Although you may feel some slight discomfort, laser treatments are not invasive and pretty quick. However, you may experience some side effects such as swelling or redness in the treated area. The good side is that you can resume your daily activities immediately, laser treatment does not necessarily require recovery or downtime.

Testimonials & Reviews

The facility accepts and appreciates feedback from its valued patients. To date, the center boasts a 5 out of 5-star rating on six collected reviews. You can also visit their website to check out what other people are saying about the center. Besides, check their Gallery to see some of the successful treatment procedures.

In conclusion, Jewell Family & Elder Medicine PA provides quality aesthetic services. The center uses laser treatments to enhance the effectiveness of their procedures and give you a natural, desirable look. Please request an appointment now using the online booking tool or reach their office through mobile.

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