Revamping Your Outdoor Space on a Budget: What I Did With Limited Funds

Doing an outdoor space revamp or renovation, can be a big headache. When doing my revamp I had to do some researching on how other did their renovation. Like most people who want to do outdoor space renovation, I was afraid not to finish it because I overspent. I was also afraid that my outdoor revamp would do harm than good to my outdoor space. Anyway, I was able to do it with good results but the time I spent was longer than what professional guys would have spent. Anyway, I was satisfied with the results and here are six things I want to share with your regarding how I did my outdoor revamp successfully.

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1. Start with a Theme

Always start with an outdoor theme. Ask yourself the question: What do I really want? What things am I personally capable? Do I like modern themes or the classic themes? I selected a mixed theme for my landscape with wood and red bricks for the patios and outdoor spaces. I placed selected plants but to add to touch to it, I mixed it up with rocks in Zen inspired arrangement. It looked really cool.


2. Prioritize the Area to Revamp

Most of those who do outdoor revamps go over the budget because they often get focused on the areas surrounding the place where the revamp is done. I was able to avoid this mistake by focusing on the landscape area, the wood furniture and the brick floors and outdoor posts. Prioritizing the area to revamp allowed me to visualize the finished work ahead.


3. Draw a Plan that Fits Your Budget

It is better to waste time planning than to waste money because you have to destroy some structures later. I planned everything and designed it on paper. I made revision after revision, checking measurements and cost of materials. Drawing a plan allowed me to scrap certain things in order to stick to my budget.


4. Prepare for Emergencies

Most projects go over the budget and this includes outdoor revamps. In my experience, even with all the planning and calculation, an overdraft of 15 to 20 percent of your total budget is very normal. So prepare for this sort of emergency. I strongly advice you have credit on stand-by or just simply set aside money, so the project will not get stalled.


5. Do It Right the First Time

I had to do it right the first time to avoid wasting time and raw materials. I made a list of what to do and checked with the plans before actually digging or cutting. Doing things in a rush is what I wanted to avoid. I knew from the experience of others that this was a sure way to waste materials and money and stall your revamp project.


6. Consider Using Used Items

I saved fifty percent of my wood furniture budget by buying used furniture instead of purchasing new ones. I was able to buy two sets of wooden furniture consisting of a square table and four chairs. The only added cost was transporting it and refurbishing it. I was really surprised to discover that it looked brand new later.


I believe that the steps may not be applicable to every person in the same order. But nevertheless it really serves the purpose of guiding anyone when revamping outdoor space on a budget. The task is simple but it is not easy as I discovered. I got frustrated and had to ask help and advice from friends. But when the project was done, I realized that the six steps that I am sharing works.


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Liam of Paramount Bathrooms that specialise in manufacturing of high quality bathroom, bedroom and kitchen furniture.

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