Revealed: The Best Industries For First-Time Entrepreneurs


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If you are about to start up your first business, then there are a whole host of decisions for you to make. One of the earliest, and most important, decisions is what industry your business will be in. Choosing your industry is vital, as it makes a phenomenal difference to what it is you have to do in the early days. It is also essential that you choose something which you know you can rely on far into the future. The fact is, there are certain industries which are particularly profitable, especially if you get into them right now. Let’s have a look at some of the best industries for any first-time entrepreneur to get into today.




Many industries are a good bet because they have proven to be so reliable so often in the past. Construction is a good example of such an industry. There is unlikely to be any time in the near future when construction will not be a necessary part of society. As such, starting a business in this industry is always going to be relatively secure. Your business could do anything from providing onsite hose replacement to building corporate structures. Either way, you are unlikely to go far wrong here.



Corporate Wellness

A completely different kind of industry to construction, this is still relatively new. Yet it is a powerful opportunity for any new business owner. Corporate Wellness is the process of providing companies with low-cost alternatives to healthcare. This can be achieved through corporate fairs, or consulting given one-on-one. Healthcare is often a major cost for corporations, so this is likely to be a pretty lucrative business to get into as those costs rise even higher.


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Drone Manufacturing

If this sounds a little strange, bear with me. The fact is, it looks as though drones are about to be very big news indeed. They already exist in relatively healthy numbers, of course, but they are about to be much more popular. Companies like Amazon are even considering using drones for an even faster delivery option in the near future. If you can get into drone manufacturing relatively soon, you might find that the returns are surprisingly large. Already a $3.3 billion market in the US alone, it is only set to grow and grow.



Virtual Reality

This industry is a good idea for the budding entrepreneur for a similar reason to the last one. Virtual reality is now at the stage of becoming more and more commercial. Gone are the days when it would cost an arm and a leg. With the likes of Oculus Rift, it is now more popular than ever. This could be a potentially very lucrative business on the cutting edge of technology. The good news is that there is no such thing as a patent on the idea of virtual reality itself. What that means for you is that you can find a way to utilise this exciting technology in a new way. This could then lead to considerably healthy sales.


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