Rugby Madness – Take Advantage of Your Other Half Being at the Game and Get Your Spring Cleaning Done and Dusted

The Six Nations is on meaning the bulk of February and March is taken over by talk of tries, kicks and scrums.  If, like us, you’re completely oblivious as to what this all means, you’re not alone.  Every weekend your partner can either be found in front of the TV, down the pub, or out at the game itself.  Far from being concerned that you’re being neglected by your other half, you should see it as an opportunity to get the annual spring clean done, and make the most of the peace and quiet.

spring cleaning

Getting Started

With your other half safely out of the way you can begin on the enormous task in front of you.  It can be daunting to decide where to begin but a good way is to make a list of each of the rooms of the house and then write in what needs to be done in each.  This way you can always come back to rooms later if you run out of time, rather than having half-finished jobs all over the house.  It’s wise to make a list of all of the products you’ll need as well – as there is no point in beginning a task only to find out halfway through that you’re missing some key items.

Clear the Clutter

Whether it’s leftover from Christmas, or been sitting there for months – a spring clean is the ideal time to get rid of items that have somehow found themselves clogging up your living room.  Don’t just throw away items though – check whether they’re suitable for recycling first.  A spring clean is also a good excuse to go through your clothes, DVDs, CDs, etc and see whether you still want or need them.  By doing this you could sell unwanted items on eBay or Amazon and make some extra pocket money or donate them to charity shops which will be pleased to receive them.  Clothes which are not suitable for donation or resale can be recycled to help charitable and environmental causes so please check before you chuck.

Helpful Hints

Some of the best weapons in your cleaning arsenal can be found in your kitchen.  Use lemon juice as an fantastic polish to use on brass and copper (great for door and cupboard handles) as well as for freshening up and getting rid of bin odours and other nasty smells.  Instead of buying pricey oven cleaning pastes make your own with some baking soda and water for a natural but effective alternative and use vinegar and water mixed in a spray bottle to help clean and restore shine to your glass surfaces and wall mirrors.

Finally…Put Your Feet Up

With the spring clean done for another year, put your feet up and catch up on your favourite TV show whilst you wait for the hubby to stumble home from the day.  You’ll feel great knowing that you’ve accomplished it all and will give you a justified reason for asking him to take the bins out for the rest of the year!

Siân Pitman is a blogger for Exclusive Interiors.  Why not style your newly cleaned home with some stylish rugs from Exclusive Interior’s fantastic range here.

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