Safe and Comfortable Dental Care with Root Canal Treatment Specialists in California

Painful and tender teeth that are sensitive to cold or hot may require a root canal. To access complete pain relief, and save your damaged tooth, reach out for root canal treatment in Fair Oaks, CA, at Madison Family Dental Group. Dr. Shiva Salehi, DDS, and her dental team incorporate the latest advancement in medical technology and techniques to ensure that the practice’s services are relatively painless and ensure you feel comfortable throughout treatment. To determine if you are the right candidate for root canal treatments, visit the website or call Madison Family Dental Group today to request an appointment.

What Is A Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment therapy is a form of endodontic therapy that saves a damaged or infected tooth, which would have otherwise required extraction. If left untreated, the affected tooth might cause an apical abscess or eventual jaw bone loss.

Who Is the Right Candidate for the Root Canal?

There are many reasons why one might require a root canal treatment. Before recommending any treatment, Dr. Salehi will perform an extensive evaluation to determine if a root canal suits you best. The main symptoms and signs of an infected pulp tissue that needs this treatment include swelling and pain, abscesses and foul smell, prolonged sensitivity of cold or heat, and tenderness in the adjacent soft tissue and nearby gums when brushing or chewing.

What to Expect with A Root Canal?

A root canal treatment is a four-step treatment plan that requires up to 3 office visits. Initially, Dr. Salehi numbs the teeth by administering local anesthetic and isolating the tooth using a protective sheet. After that, Dr. Salehi opens the tooth crown to access the pulp chamber. With the use of small files, she can effectively clean the shape of  your tooth canal for filling.

Once the open space is clean and dry, she fills this canal using safe materials to the body like rubber, known as gutta-percha. Dr. Salehi seals the tooth using adhesives. The final appointment is scheduled some weeks later, whereby the dental team places a permanent crown or any other restoration fitting on your tooth.

The oral care specialists at Madison Family Dental Group incorporates state-of-the-art dental technology and administers anesthesia to ensure the treatments are safe and comfortable. After the procedure, patients might temporarily experience slightly more sensitivity, or the treated tooth might feel different from the rest. In most cases, prescription or over-the-counter medications will relieve any discomfort experienced.

How Is the After Care?

The dental specialists at Madison Family Dental Group will offer you several precautionary measures to take following a root canal treatment. For instance, you should not bite or chew with the treated tooth since it’s prone to fracture until the dentist completely restores it during the last visit.

Besides root canal treatment, it would be best to practice correct dental hygiene, including flossing, teeth cleanings, brushing, and other bi-annual preventive visits. With proper oral care, your tooth will last for as long as your natural teeth.

In conclusion, Dr. Salehi and her expert medical team believe in conservative and practical dental treatments, blended with genuine and compassionate care. To access exceptional root canal treatments, request an appointment with Madison Family Dental Group today by visiting the website or calling the office.

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