Satellite TV Is Better than Cable: Still Not Convinced?

Satellite TV is better than cable for a variety of reasons. In fact, the majority of people who switch from cable to satellite can’t believe how much better satellite is than traditional cable packages. The top ten reasons satellite is a better choice than cable can be found below.


Better Picture than Cable


Satellite televisions receive a 1st generation all digital signal, which means they can deliver a much better picture than their cable competitors. On the other hand, cable signal is delivered through cable lines. Therefore, a person’s cable quality depends significantly on their cable lines. If the lines are old or decayed, the homeowner will have poor picture quality.


Excellent Customer Service


In terms of customer service, satellite companies rate much higher than cable companies. One of the biggest reasons satellite ranks higher than cable is because satellite subscribers generally have fewer problems than cable customers. Additionally, when problems do arise with satellites, they are usually solved remarkably quickly.


Better Equipment


DVRs are available from satellite and cable companies. However, the DVRs that are available from satellite companies are much more advanced than cable DVRs. In fact, satellite DVRs can serve more than one television and have room to record and store an abundance of television shows. Cable DVRs usually only work on one TV and have very little storage space.


If you have been thinking of making the switch to satellite TV, today is the day to do it. With the promise of cheaper service, better picture quality and more channels to choose from, you will surely be impressed with what satellite has to offer.


Satellite is Available in Rural Areas


In many rural areas, cable TV is not available because it is delivered through cable lines that may not be readily available. Having cable lines run to your home can be extremely expensive and time consuming. However, satellite is available virtually anywhere because it is not dependent on utility lines.


More HD Channels than Cable


With the rising popularity of HD televisions, HD programming is rising in popularity as well. Satellite packages offer many more HD channels than cable companies.


More Channels


Satellite companies offer a variety of programming options. Different tiered packages offer different types of programming. Sports enthusiasts especially enjoy this satellite perk because it allows them to watch their favorite home team, no matter where they currently reside.



Still Not Convinced?


  • Satellite Costs Less than Cable –Satellite packages are less expensive than traditional cable packages.


  • Higher Quality Picture – Satellites deliver a higher quality picture than those delivered through cable.


  • All Channels are Digital Channels – Even though cable companies offer digital packages, it doesn’t mean all there channels are actually digital. However, all satellite channels are digital.


  • Music Channels – Satellite radio, such as XM Radio and Sirius, is offered through satellite television programs.


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